Sports Books Saved by Bengals and Cowboys

Sports books were helped this past weekend by the Cowboys covering against the Broncos and helped them avoid a large payout for the weekend.

The fifth weekend of the NFL season was a good one for sports books. There were nothing big, but it turned out thanks to the Patriots and Cowboys to not be a loser.

There were opportunities for the public bettors to beat the book with a few of the more popular teams; those teams that seem to every week cover the spread.

Entering last week, the Chargers, Broncos, Seahawks and Saints combined for the season were 13-1-2 ATS. Bettors loved all four in week 5, but fortunately, for books like Bovada, betonline, topbet and, just one covered.

The Bears were a one-point favorite last week when the line opened, but when the game started, New Orleans was the one-point favorite.

The Saints have become a popular public team, but to be the biggest risk on the day, on grass, on the road seemed a bit puzzling, books have seen that kind of thing before.

Anytime a solid team, such as the Saints has a good performance on the previous Monday night, the public keeps them in mind and it carries over to the following week’s game.

New Orleans defeated Miami 38-17 last week as a favorite by 7 points. The game ended OVER, which the public also grabbed a hold of.

For many books, the biggest win of the day in Week 5 was the Patriots loss to the Bengals, not the Cowboys covering against the Broncos.

Much of that was due to bettors having parlays that involved the Bengal-Patriots game and the parlays were all lost when New England went down to defeat 13-7.

Much of the public took New England due to their impressive win 30-23 over Atlanta on the road the previous Sunday night. They seemed to be gelling on offense finally and had their record up to 4-0, while Cincinnati had taken it on the chin against the Cleveland Browns the previous week.

For the day, the favorites ended up on the winning side 7-5 ATS, with four ‘dogs winning their games outright. The point totals were a wash, with 6 over and 6 under.