Public has Strong Weekend vs Sportsbooks

This past weekend was not a good one for the sportsbooks. It has been eight Sundays of NFL that bettors have waited to finally get their act together where they could assert damage to the payout charts of the sportsbooks.

Bettors over close to the first half of the NFL season seemed to always miss the big one. Some would say that they had been screwed by the Patriots or that thanks to Denver they lost a huge parlay.

However, this past Sunday all that changed, as nearly everyone one of the public bettor’s teams covered which sent sports books such as Bovada, betonline and topbet to their worst NFL Sunday of this season.

The big blow was the 44-31 Packers win over Minnesota on Sunday night.

Public bettors had the Broncos, 49ers, Patriots, Saints and the Bengals. The public had them in parlays, parlay cards and even with teasers.

The parlays paid out from between 10 to 1 and 40 to 1, with some even higher. All the top sports books could do were feel fortunate they were able to take the sharp money as they took a hit.

The Packers game is what gave many public bettors their big parlays. In that game, the public was 7-1 against the books.

Nearly all of the division leaders were able to cover this past weekend. Even the Cowboys who lost were able to cover +3 against Detroit. That put Dallas 7-1 ATS this season, which is an interesting stat for the public to follow.

The biggest plays for sharp money this week were the Bills, Redskins and Vikings and all of them failed this week. The Packers were bet down to -7 by game time and easily defeated the Vikings.

What made things worse on Green Bay was many public bettors parlayed the total on the OVER, which was easily paid out on the 47.5 total as the teams combined for 75 points. That alone paid out 13 to 5 for the public bettor.

New Orleans started their game at -10.5 and easily defeated the Bills. At home, the Saints are now 4-0 ATS.

Denver prior to this past weekend had not covered in three straight weeks. They had just lost to Indianapolis and smart money had bet down the spread to -12.5. That did not bother the public, they took the Broncos with the OVER and took home 13 to 5 winnings.

A Sunday such as this was due as the odds say it eventually will. For the public it was a great day, but just one day of many and the books are now 7-1 after the first half of the 2013 NFL season.