Dwayne Bowe and Other NFL Thoughts

His team being 9-0 apparently was enough to keep Dwayne Bowe out of trouble.

It isn’t uncommon to see a professional athlete get into some trouble with the law. We’ve seen it in all four of the major professional sports in North America and there really isn’t a specific way of targeting a guy unless he has put the target on to himself.

With that said, I’m always amazed when a player, in this case NFL player Dwayne Bowe, gets arrested. The team he plays for is the Kansas City Chiefs. Unless you’ve been on Mars, the Chiefs are the only undefeated team remaining in the National Football League at a record of 9-0.

Bowe is currently the second-leading receiver for the Chiefs but that really didn’t matter as he was pulled over late Saturday night/Sunday morning in Kansas City for speeding. Things got worse when police smelled marijuana and thus searched the car.

Marijuana was present alright to the tune of over 10 grams and now Bowe will face a judge on December 18th.

How is it that a key player on a team that is unbeaten and facing their rival and closest competition in Denver this week doing such a thing?

Could we possibly give a player a pass if he plays for a team that is already out of playoff contention? We could certainly understand it a bit better but there is never a suitable time and place for such behavior.

Last offseason, Bowe signed a five-year $56 million dollar contract. Somehow, Bowe apparently couldn’t afford to hire a driver and/or keep his illegal drugs at home.

What really ticks off most fans is the arrogance and the overall stupidity of some of these athletes who feel they can live above the rest of us. Honestly, can we blame them for feeling this way though? Bowe has already served a four-game suspension in 2009 for performance-enhancing drugs. This penalty will be separate because it will fall under the illegal drug policy.

I feel bad for the Chiefs and their fans that are enjoying such a great season. I do not feel bad for Bowe though who was just being an idiot.

In other news…

Manning will play Sunday but he isn't 100%.

Peyton Manning will play on Sunday when the Broncos play the Chiefs for first place in the AFC West. The struggling Denver offensive line against the NFL’s top sacking defense doesn’t bode well for Manning. I still think he won’t finish the season.

At 3-6, are the Pittsburgh Steelers still alive in the AFC? If they get by Detroit this weekend in Pittsburgh where the Lions haven’t won since the 1950’s, they still have games with Cincinnati (home), Baltimore, two with Cleveland, collapsing Miami (home) and Green Bay who may not have Aaron Rodgers. Personally I don’t see it happening but the schedule couldn’t be aligning better.

Kudos to both Jacksonville and Tampa Bay for getting their first wins this past weekend. This of course means the 2008 Detroit Lions can still celebrate being the only 0-16 team in NFL history.

I really think whatever happens in Miami there is no way that Head Coach Joe Philbin and General Manager Jeff Ireland survive. We saw the first reasons why Monday night as the team lost to then winless Tampa Bay.

The team is relatively young especially at key positions and I don’t see them recovering from this Martin-Incognito situation. It’s going to get worse before it gets better because players will be interviewed about the situation in coming weeks and it could divide the locker room even further.