College Football, Baseball Awards and Should the Broncos Rest Peyton?

Should the Broncos consider resting Peyton Manning? I think it has to be discussed.

This time of year the sports world is as busy as it possibly can be with the exception of baseball. Football, basketball and hockey are all underway and provide us with storylines everyday. Today’s post for me is no different so let’s get to it.

In my somewhat expert opinion, I believe the Denver Broncos have a serious dilemma facing them on Sunday night. This dilemma has nothing to do with Head Coach John Fox who is still recovering from heart surgery either.

This has to do with Peyton Manning and his playing status.

If I’m the Broncos, I’m viewing the next three weeks very carefully. On Sunday night, the Broncos will host unbeaten Kansas City. A week later, they play at New England in another Sunday night game. The final Sunday of those three weeks, Denver will play in Kansas City.

The dilemma they are facing is whether they should play Peyton Manning and how much should they play him.

Manning is clearly less than 100% and anyone who believes otherwise is ignoring the obvious. He has been beaten up pretty severely over the last few weeks and suffered a pretty good ankle injury on Sunday in San Diego.

Let’s examine the key parameters of this dilemma.

If Manning plays on Sunday night and the Broncos win, they will move into a first-place tie with KC but will own the tie-breaker for a couple of weeks. Should they lose whether Manning plays or not, they’ll fall two games back of the Chiefs and Kansas City will have the tie-breaker with a home date in hand.

Should the Broncos go on to lose at New England and the Chiefs win at home against San Diego that would leave the Broncos three games out with four to play and the question will have to be asked. Do you play Peyton Manning if continues to be banged up?

I say, “No.”

If Denver has any hope of making a run to the Super Bowl then Peyton Manning must be the starting quarterback. I’m sure Brock Osweiler is a fine young man and I imagine he has learned a lot from Manning. No one can expect him to play well and run the offense like Manning though.

Peyton Manning will do no one any good if he is sidelined with an injury or if he is hobbling around the field worse than he already is. Rest Manning and be happy with a wild-card Denver. It’s the only way you’re going to have a shot.

Scherzer took 28 of 30 first place votes for the Cy Young Award.

Other Sports Thoughts….

Congratulations to Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw on winning the Cy Young Award. Both very deserving and I expect good seasons from both next year as well.

Michigan State travels to Lincoln Saturday to play the Cornhuskers for what will more than likely be for the Legends’ Division Title. For Bo Pelini, a win probably keeps him around for at least another year but a loss could mean anything’s possible.

If Nebraska can’t solve the MSU defense then there will be little chance for them to win.

Miami plays at Duke this weekend and should the Blue Devils pull out the win they would take control of the ACC Coastal Division. Since starting 7-0, the Hurricanes have been whipped in two straight games by Florida State and Virginia Tech.

Beating Duke will not be easy especially with running back Duke Johnson out for the year. Stephen Morris will need to make plays without turning it over and I’m not sure he can do that.