Baseball and College Football on My Docket Today

Fielder's trade to Texas works for both teams but for the Tigers it was much needed.

Major League Baseball’s hot stove was supposed to be rather boring this offseason. Apparently the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers did not get that particular memo. Earlier this week the two recently successful American League teams pulled off a big deal.

The Tigers sent first basement Prince Fielder to the Rangers in exchange for Texas’ second baseman Ian Kinsler.

The move appears to be a good deal for both teams but I believe it’s an outstanding deal for the Tigers in particular. Fielder spent just two seasons in the Motor City and has had productive yet uninspiring statistics.

The knock on Fielder in Detroit has been two horrible playoff performances and a contract that still has seven years and $168 million left on it. By trading Fielder to Texas, Detroit frees up money. They also sent $30 million to the Rangers as part of the deal by the way.

That money can now be used to re-work deals for Miguel Cabrera and possibly allows them to keep Cy Young winner Max Scherzer.

On the field, the Tigers now have some options. General thought has Cabrera moving back to first base and Kinsler of course taking over at second and probably the lead-off spot in the line-up as well.

It also allows Detroit to give one of their top prospects a shot at third base. Nick Castellanos is believed to be ready defensively but there are questions about his hitting in terms of being an everyday player.

For the Rangers, it gives their line-up an immediate upgrade in terms of power. It’s power that has been missing since Josh Hamilton left for Los Angeles. The Ballpark at Arlington should be much more welcoming to Fielder’s home run numbers than Comerica Park which is clearly a pitcher’s ball  park.

Texas is also getting a guy that plays every day and is rarely injured.

For Kinsler’s part, he will make $62 million over the next five years and immediately moves into second base.

Both teams pulled this thing together in about 24 hours and feel as though they are both getting something they want and need. That’s all you can really ask for in a trade.

Will the problems for Winston derail the Seminoles?

Trouble at Florida State?

The Florida State Seminoles are preparing for the Idaho Vandals this week as they continue on a collision course with Alabama for the BCS Title. In the background however is an increasingly large police investigation involving Heisman Trophy candidate Jameis Winston.

A woman in Tallahassee claims she was sexually assaulted by Winston in December of 2012. Winston volunteered a DNA sample feeling he had done nothing wrong. He claims the sex was consensual.

The DNA was a match to DNA found on the accuser’s underwear.

Winston’s lawyers are not at all surprised that the DNA matched. They’ve said all along the sex was consensual and believe that no crime was committed.

Basically this will become a situation that will become “he said, she said” and whether Winston is charged or not is unknown.

In this particular day and age, we must not devalue the claims of the accuser and must not belittle the claims of the accused either. Stories about women hunting down pro and college athletes in efforts to collect their semen and they claim assault and or pregnancy are out there.

This doesn’t seem that simple though. I don’t know what Winston did or didn’t do, but the fact an investigator told the accuser’s family to drop things because the city was a “football town” is disturbing enough.

Let’s hope they get to the truth of the matter sooner rather than later.