Hot Seats and Hot Teams in College Football

Auburn under the direction of Gus Malzahn, can do serious damage to the BCS with a win over Alabama.

Here is what we know about the race to compete in the final BCS National Championship; Alabama is still number one and will face new number four Auburn on Saturday in Jordan-Hare Stadium. At stake is the SEC West Division title and a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Title game. Oh, they happen to fierce rivals too.

Sitting in the number two spot is Florida State. They host the Vandals of Idaho this past Saturday and hung 80 points on them. The Seminoles will finish the regular at rival Florida who by the way just lost to FCS team Georgia Southern at home in the Swamp. FSU also has the sexual abuse allegations hanging over quarterback Jameis Winston. Either way, the ‘Noles should beat the Gators and the will play a much weaker team in the ACC Title game.

The current odd team out is Ohio State. After crushing yet another Big Ten foe this past weekend, the Buckeyes are preparing for rival Michigan who is dealing with their own issues. With Baylor going down handily to Oklahoma State, the Buckeyes can only hope the same happens to either Alabama and/or Florida State.

Now besides Oklahoma State and Auburn, there are other one-loss teams that have dreams of moving up with losses by those top dogs. Clemson, Missouri and possibly Michigan State are still hanging around. Both the Tigers of Missouri and the Spartans can control a little of their own fate.

If Mizzou can get to the SEC title game and upset either Bama or Auburn, they would vault up significantly. Michigan State is in a similar position but needs more help because they currently sit at number 11 in the polls. They could move up though with an upset of the Buckeyes in the Big Ten Title game.

We will obviously know much more after this coming weekend but you really can’t beat the drama provided by so many teams this late in the college football season.

Two Hot Seats

I have to believe Muschamp is on the way out at Florida.

There are two very powerful programs that have some serious questions today and one might surprise you. In Gainesville, the heat on third-year head coach Will Muschamp was already scorching because he received the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ from the athletic director and school president. Then Saturday happened…. The Gators were defeated at home 26-20 by Georgia Southern who did not complete a pass the entire game.

The Gators had held the longest streak of going to a bowl game but that streak is over now as they fell to 4-7 on the year. In fairness, Muschamp has had to endure loads of injuries to his quarterback and running back among many others. That can’t be an excuse however because programs like this should be able to see guys step up and many of these guys didn’t.

I’ll be very surprised if Muschamp is still employed by the university following Saturday’s game against Florida State.

Perhaps the more shocking hot seat is the one Michigan head coach Brady Hoke finds himself on right now. Hoke was brought in to clean up the Rich Rodriguez mess and in some ways he did that. It doesn’t help though that his best season was his first and that was largely done with Rodriguez’s players.

When you coach Michigan, you have three responsibilities. You win Big Ten Titles, you beat Michigan State and you beat Ohio State. Hoke is now 1-2 against the Spartans and will more than likely be 1-2 against the Buckeyes after Saturday. Unlike the Gators, the Wolverines will go bowling but a likely 7-5 record is not going to keep the massive Michigan Alumni happy.

Hoke will get another year but it must be decidedly better than the last two.