Sports Books Squeeze Out Win over Thanksgiving Weekend

Even with the teasers carries over from the Thanksgiving Day NFL games, the sports book industry was able to squeeze out a small win over the holiday weekend. The deciding factor was the Houston Texans being able to cover against the New England Patriots.

Under normal circumstances, the sports books would have easily made another profitable weekend during Week 13 of the NFL, even with an 8-4 record for the favorites ATS. However, this past Thanksgiving weekend of NFL football was anything by ordinary

The yearly frenzy of wagering for the four-day weekend had become something of a ritual amongst wagers. The three games played Thanksgiving Day are bet on at a feverish rate equal to a top Monday Night game. That in turn could cause a huge risk that could hit the house hard come Sunday afternoon and evening.

With the risk on Thursday also carrying into two successive days of college football on Friday and Saturday, the NFL card on Sunday could have parlay liability build up quickly.

Thankfully, for the house, two scores late in the games on Thursday by the Steelers and Raiders cut some of the risk, as two of the three sides for the public did not cover, as all three of the point total cashed on the OVER.

Sports books were able to take a small win on the Friday and Saturday combined games for college football. The house was helped by Michigan not allowing Ohio State to cover. However, the improbable win Auburn pulled out of their magic hat however did not help.

When Sunday rolled around the weight of Thursday teaser leftovers was on the shoulders of the sports books. A bettor would have been 11-1 if teasing all the sides of the NFL games on Thursday.

While all the bets on teasers, both totals and sides, won in the final two games on Thanksgiving between the Raiders and Cowboys and the Steelers and Ravens.

Teasers normally do not concern the books as much as the parlays or even straight bets, but on Sunday, the books were hoping that more upsets took place than normal to knock some of the remaining teasers out. However, the popular teams did not come through for the sports books.

Many sports books were beaten up on Sunday by the teasers. On Sunday, the Patriots, 49ers, Panthers and Broncos mostly came through as the big favorites.

Big upsets the books were hoping for did not come through except for the Jaguars covering as 7-point dogs at Cleveland. The only other outright win for an underdog was Atlanta over Buffalo.

The biggest help of the weekend came in the Patriots and Texans game for the sports books. After New England beat Denver last Monday, most of the public took them on straight bets and parlays. When Houston covered, the books earned much of was the difference between a winning and losing weekend.