Sports Books Relieved over Winston Decision

A collective sigh of relief was heard throughout the sports book world on Thursday after the Florida District Attorney’s office said they would not prosecute Jameis Winston.

When the news broke that the freshman quarterback for the Seminoles would not be charged, Winston was not alone when it came to being happy. Many online wagering sites such as topbet, betonline, and Bovada were all happy with the decision.

The books were able to return the ACC Championship and BCS odds back on the board. A number of sites and booking houses took a wait and see attitude regarding Winston.

The red-shirt freshman at Florida State is the No. 1 favorite to win the Heisman Trophy and his value for a single game is worth as much as 6.5 points to a game’s point spread. If Winston had not been playing, it would have impacted on the ACC Championship game odds and the BCS championship odds.

Once the news broke, Florida State was posted at -11 on Bovada for a possible BCS Championship matchup against Ohio State.

On one site, Florida State was posted on Sunday with futures of -9.5 against Ohio State and fans of the Buckeyes quickly help bet it down to just -8 by Tuesday.

However, most sites including topbet and betonline took the game off the boards Tuesday night to wait for Willie Meggs from the DA’s office to announce their decision on whether they would or would not prosecute Winston.

On Saturday, Florida State meets Duke in the ACC Championship and is currently a favorite by 28.5 points. On one site, the Seminoles are listed at 1 to 3 favorites in the BCS Championship against any team.

However, before any Florida State vs. Ohio State matchup happens, both must win on Saturday in their respective conference championships.

At this point, it looks as if Florida State has the easier game. The Seminoles opponent Duke is 10-2 on the season, but does not have the defense to stop Winston and company for scoring nearly at will.

While at the same time, Ohio State’s powerful rushing game led by Carlos Hyde at running back and dual threat quarterback Braxton Miller must face the Michigan State Spartans.

The Spartans have one of the best defenses in the nation overall and are undefeated in 8 conference games.

The Buckeyes have won 24 consecutive games dating back to the start of the 2012 season. The game should be close, but the Buckeyes should be able to pull out a win.

Regardless, Florida State will remain a strong favorite to win the ACC and the BCS and become national champion.

A month from today all that will on be settled on the gridiron at the BCS Championship game January 6, 2014.