A Little Bit of Everything for Saturday Morning

Kobe Bryant will return tomorrow and I look for Kobe to be 100% and more.

We know when Kobe will be back. Northern Illinois took an unexpected tumble creating an opening in the BCS and Gary Kubiak became the first NFL coaching casualty. Let’s get it started.

The Los Angeles Lakers have confirmed that Kobe Bryant will return to the court tomorrow when the Lakers host Toronto at Staples Center. Bryant’s return comes on the heels of him becoming the highest paid player in the NBA after he signed a two-year extension two weeks ago.

The obvious question fans and pundits will have is “What can we expect to see from Bryant?”

The Lakers are claiming you will see a ‘dominant’ Kobe Bryant and while that could just be posturing and advertising to some, I think there is some truth in it too. Unlike many players in many sports who come back too soon, I believe Bryant’s attitude and ego have kept him from doing so. Typically we see guys return and have limited minutes and only a set number of options available to them offensively but that won’t happen with Bryant.

I’ll be very surprised if Bryant doesn’t log at least 35 minutes. This is just how Bryant is and the Lakers know that. If he can’t come back and be “Kobe” then he wouldn’t come back at all.

Bowling Green and head coach Dave Clawson won the MAC title by knocking off unbeaten Northern Illinois.

A BCS Hiccup

The BCS bowl games were looking quite neat and tidy heading into this weekend. Then a rather unexpected thing happened in Detroit last night. Northern Illinois entered the MAC Title game against 9-3 Bowling Green unbeaten and fully expecting to go to a second-straight BCS game. This is obviously why they actually play the games as the Falcons ripped the Huskies 47-27.

Heisman hopeful Jordan Lynch looked fairly pedestrian as he threw two interceptions and ran for just 126 yards which is certainly lower than he usually rushes. So what exactly does this mean for the BCS?

Chances are that the door swings open for either Baylor, Clemson or Oregon. The Bears can make it a moot point if Oklahoma State loses today and they defeat Texas. They would get the automatic bid for the Big 12. Should they win, but so does Oklahoma State, they would look very enticing with just one loss and a high-octane offense.

If not them, a one-loss Clemson or a two-loss Oregon could get the bid. As you know, the fan base is a huge factor in who gets chosen because BCS game like to make money believe it or not. That’s where Baylor could be hurt. The small private university does not have a large base or a national following. Both the Ducks and Tigers would be far more intriguing so keep that in mind.

Kubiak Fired

The Houston Texans parted ways with head coach Gary Kubiak yesterday in the midst of the team’s 11-game losing streak. The head coach since 2006, Kubiak amassed a record of 61-64 with two playoff wins in four attempts but this was supposed to be “the season.” Owner Bob McNair believed the team had put together its’ most talented roster but injuries and poor play made that a moot point.

Kubiak will more than likely return to the NFL in an offensive coordinator capacity. Talk of him being a head coach again has been relatively sparse. If I’m the Texans, I’m putting in calls to Lovie Smith, Bengals’ defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and possibly Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio who has done a great job running the Broncos in John Fox’s absence.

Job number one for whoever gets the job will be to find a quarterback. Case Keenum will get the first shot while Matt Schaub will be on the way out.