A Mid-Week Look at the NFL

McCown deserves to be the starter in Chicago.

A quarterback quandry in Chicago? More rules to limit the defense coming from the league? I’m hitting those topics plus where is the ‘D’ in Dallas and can Peyton win in the cold when it really counts?

A funny thing happened on the way to the NFC Playoffs for Chicago this week… Well, at least that’s how the Bears want it to sound like in a few weeks. Chicago Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman appears to have a quarterback controversy on his hands after the Bears mauled Dallas 45-28 on Monday night.

Quarterback Josh McCown has played exceptionally well in his five starts this season. He has thrown 11 touchdown passes and just one interception. The man he is currently filling in for is Jay Cutler who continues to miss time with an ankle injury.

For me personally, I don’t see any controversy whatsoever. Trestman has decided to turn this team into a pass first offense and McCown has proven he cannot handle it but thrive in it. If I’m the Bears, I ride with the 34-year old McCown.

Things won't be so cozy for Tom Brady without Gronk in the lineup.

More NFL Legislation Coming

The National Football League likes to think most of us in the general public are idiots. By and large they’re probably right, but the media wing of the NFL is at it again with the assault on the game of football.

A day after Rob Gronkowski had his season ended by a low hit from Cleveland’s T.J. Ward, Monday Morning Quarterback writer Greg Bedard wrote an article blaming Ward and others that ‘go low.’ This piece is but the first salvo in what will be many as the NFL will surely end ‘low hits.’

Get ready for a rule that creates a ‘target zone’ between the knees and shoulders. It’s but another way the NFL is destroying the game of football. The league is money driven and puts the interests of fantasy football ahead of actual common sense and demand.

Allas Without the ‘D’

The Dallas Cowboys are currently on a pace that would put them in second place for most yards given up in a single NFL season. Should the pace continue, they would have relinquished almost 7,000 yards. Such was the case in frigid Chicago where they were torched by Josh McCown.

I found it strangely ironic that Dallas Owner Jerry Jones said after the game that the team needs to find more aggressive players. Isn’t that what he had with Rob Ryan who he felt was too aggressive on defense?

Jones already has given himself the title of general manager so why not just make it a trifecta? Go ahead and fire Jason Garrett and then Jones can become head coach too. Until Jones stops micro-managing this team they aren’t going anywhere whether they make the playoffs or not.

Peyton and the Cold

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning had strong words for people after Sunday’s game. He told those who think he can’t win in cold weather to “stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.” That’s funny and all, but Manning can’t hide from the truth.

Much like Drew Brees, Manning does far better when he is in warm weather or indoors. Ya, but he had a huge game in the cold Sunday though? Yes, he did and was there any pressure on him? Nope. Wait until the playoffs roll around again to see how Manning reacts when he is dealing with the cold AND the pressure of the playoffs.