NFL Sees Record Number of Points in Week 15; More Football Thoughts

Jamaal Charles was a fantasy players' dream on Sunday against the Raiders.

In week 14 of the National Football League season, the 32 teams combined to score a total of 90 touchdowns which was an NFL record. A week later, the 32 franchises were at it again as they scored more points in a single week than any other in history. Keep in mind there was a game last night too.

Three teams in fact scored over 30 points on Sunday… And lost!

This should not be surprising in light of rules that continue to aid the offense and punish the defense. I think you’ll see records for touchdowns and points being threatened each week now that the league has made the effort to favor high-scoring games.

If you read my stuff then you know how I feel about this. I can’t stand what is happening to the NFL and football in general but I’m not supposed to think that way. If I do, then I’m accused of not caring about ‘player safety.’ That’s bull and the league, the players and the fans know it. This is not only to accommodate average fans who want to see scoring but it also appeals to the fantasy players. Just ask those who played with or against Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles yesterday.

Charles had five touchdowns and in standard leagues registered somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 points. Why any NFL team would waste early round draft picks on defensive players anymore is beyond me. This league is about offense and you need weapons, not defenders who get flagged for interference or hitting the QB late.

Bryant walks through the tunnel before the game even ends in Dallas.

Dez Bryant Strikes Again

The Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant is an extremely talented and passionate wide receiver. The problem is that passion is often used as an excuse when he does things that are out of character for most professional football players. Sunday in Dallas, Bryant walked off the field with just under two minutes left and headed for the locker room.

The odds that Bryant would have played again were slim as the Packers took three knees to end the game but that isn’t the issue. Bryant said yesterday that he left the field to hide his tears. You’ll excuse me if I start laughing and cough up my ice water. Even if that is the reason he left the field, he still shouldn’t have done it. Football is the ultimate team game and the message Dez Bryant keeps sending is that he is about himself regardless of the words he may say to the contrary.

Until Bryant grows up, his antics will not be received well regardless of how talented he is.

RGIII Deserves Better

I still can’t get over the unexplainable decision to not only bench Robert Griffin III but to also make him inactive. The excuse used is that the Redskins want him to have a chance at a healthy and productive offseason. Honestly? I get that. He spent last year rehabbing his knee and didn’t get his normal time to improve his game.

That said, RGIII is not going to get better by watching Kirk Cousins help his own cause as the Redskins will certainly shop him for draft picks. Imagine how things could have gone had Peyton Manning not been allowed to finish his rookie season? What about Brett Favre’s first year in Green Bay where made one mistake after another?

I’m not really sold on what the end game truly is but I have to think Washington Owner Daniel Snyder has had enough of Mike Shanahan but stranger things have happened. Either way, RGIII doesn’t deserve the fate he has been given for 2013.