Bowl Season Starts and I Couldn’t Be Happier

I'm interested to see Derek Carr go up against the USC defense.

The college football bowl season gets underway this weekend and yours truly couldn’t be happier about it. Then again, I’m also sad about it as well. It’s an emotional time for a guy like me who has always been a sports fan but I’ve typically held football higher than all other sports.

I guess I should be glad that the bowl season gives us about three extremely busy weeks of football even though the majority of these bowls will be played in half-empty stadiums. I should also be happy that the National Football League goes for a whole other month once the BCS Title game concludes.

Why do I enjoy the bowl season? Well, for several reasons really, but perhaps it’s just because I enjoy the game but I do have my reasons.

First, bowl season is yet another opportunity to win the office pool. Right now, my chances of pulling any cash from the numerous NFL pools I run are slim and none (damn you Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone!). Therefore, playing the bowls gives me one more shot at office glory.

Secondly, the bowl games give me a shot at watching teams and players I might not have seen much of throughout the season. For example, I’ve seen very little of Fresno State’s Derek Carr other than some highlights. I’m very curious to see what he can do against the USC Trojans’ defense. While this isn’t a typical Southern Cal D, it still has as much talent as Carr has seen all year.

Big Ten ACC
Does one game really indicate which conference is better? I don't think so.

Third, I always look forward to one of the more meaningless conversations I’ve heard and that is the discussion over which conference is better. ESPN will make sure you and I know every waking second which conference is doing the best in bowls and against what other conferences they are beating. What we are supposed to gain is that which ever conference wins the most bowl games then earns the title of “best conference.”

This is a joke in my opinion. What happens if the Big Ten has more bowl wins than the SEC? Are people seriously going to tell me that this means the Big Ten is better? Here’s an idea, stop worrying about this.

Another reason I enjoy bowl season is that much like I get to see teams I’m not always familiar with, I also get to see some players who might one day become a big time NFL performer. I don’t need to see Mr. Clowney because we’ve seen enough. I’m talking about guys that fly under the radar or have been made to because of a narrow-minded media.

Each year I spot guys at receiver or defensive back or on the defensive line who immediately raise their draft stock with one big bowl game. Do they always pan in the end from that one shining moment? No, not always in fact many don’t even come close to the level that got them drafted. Still, seeing a relatively unknown player have a monster game makes for great television and isn’t that what we want anyway?

One last reason I love the bowls is that closer you get to the New
Year, the closer you get to the bigger games. Granted, they don’t always live up to the hype, but watching football and celebrating the season with your favorite friends, beverage(s) and foods makes for a great time. Until of course that one friend ruins it all puking in the front room.

Then again your favorite team may cause you to do the same if their bowl game doesn’t go well.