Mid-Week Rants From Around the Sports World

Brady and Manning
Love them or hate them, take time to appreciate Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as their careers wind down.

Appreciating Manning and Brady

It’s Wednesday. Are you tired of the AFC Championship Game hype yet? Peyton Manning this and Tom Brady that but hey, this is what we get this time of year and I’m trying hard to do the right thing.

If you’re wondering what the right thing is, it’s to actually slow down and breathe in what could be the final match-up between these two future Hall of Famers. That doesn’t mean you have to actually tune in to ESPN on a 24 hour basis from now through Sunday because I sure as hell won’t. What it means is that you could be witnessing the end for these two.

This is something that should be enjoyed rather than loathed and trust me, it’s hard because the hype is overwhelming.

I believe this because I lived through every year of Michael Jordan and in the case of Manning and Brady, their careers are winding down. Much like the career of Jordan, appreciating what both Brady and Manning have accomplished is important. These are two guys who have played the quarterback position about as well as anyone in the history of the game.

For my money, Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time with the slightest of exceptions being Wilt Chamberlin but I never had the chance to see him play so I’m admittedly biased. I am grateful however that I was able to see every year of Jordan’s career from his time at North Carolina to his final seasons in Washington.

With all this said, take a moment to appreciate both Brady and Manning whether they play for teams you love or teams you hate. It won’t be much longer before both are no longer in the league.

Clark Cub
Clark the Cub has already taken his share of abuse after just being unveiled.

A New Mascot for the Cubs. Yikes.

You’ve probably seen it by now but the Chicago Cubs have unveiled a new mascot and it hasn’t exactly received a lot of positive views. Clark the Cub is a cartoonish looking bear who looks more like he belongs on Cartoon Network than walking around Wrigley Field. It’s a tough thing to accept for long-suffering Cubbie fans who haven’t seen their team win a World Series in over 100 years.

I’ll spare you the specifics but many ‘creative’ folks have taken liberties with Clark in a NSFW fashion. Leave it to the people of social media to take a cartoon mascot to the levels of adult film.

Why the Cubs decided after more than a century of existence to have a mascot is beyond me. The easy answer is that they want just one more way to create revenue. This particular mascot also will be used to pull in children as well. Good marketing idea or bad? The bigger question is what are people thinking these days?

Take the Money and Run

Former Arizona Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt surprised a lot of people this week when he decided to take the head coaching job in Tennessee rather than the one in Detroit. The Lions clearly have more talent on both sides of the ball and especially on offense where Whisenhunt excels, but it was revealed yesterday just why he chose the Titans over Detroit.

According to several outlets, Whisenhunt was offered a million dollars more to take the job in Tennessee rather than the one in Michigan. If you blame him, just stop and look yourself in the mirror. Would you turn down a million dollars more per year? I wouldn’t either. I don’t think money was the only issue though. Detroit isn’t exactly a franchise with a winning attitude so that may have played into his thinking as well.