News Around MLB Carries the Day

My mouth would be wide open too after signing a $215 million contract as Clayton Kershaw did.

As the National Football League Playoffs are underway and the NBA and NHL are deep into their seasons, Major League Baseball is suddenly back in the news and for all kinds of reasons. From the Hall of Fame to A-Rod and massive salaries, I’m covering a bit of everything today.

Kershaw Cashes In

Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw signed a $215 million contract extension this week making him baseball’s highest paid pitcher easily passing Justin Verlander’s $180 million deal.

At 25, Kershaw has already won the Cy Young Award twice and he has the best ERA of any active pitcher at 2.61 with only Mariano Rivera being the exception but his retirement looks to be a real thing. The question of whether the Dodgers made the right choice in locking him up is a moot one.

Of course they should have. The bigger question for me is whether paying a guy who plays every five days this amount is a smart move. I’ve always said no but I know there are several stats that say otherwise.

Bottom line? The Dodgers will hold their breath with every Kershaw pitch from now until the end of his career.

I wonder if Alex Rodriguez really believes in everything that comes out of his mouth?

A-Rod Will Never Get It

Alex Rodriguez has, as expected, sued both the Major League Baseball Players’ Association as well as Major League Baseball. This was in retaliation for his 162 game ban for 2014. Rodriguez often reminds me of Barry Bonds other than he talks way more than Bonds ever did.

Rodriguez probably could have put up numbers more than suitable enough for Hall of Fame consideration had he stayed off the juice. The same was always said about Bonds but his late-career decisions screwed that.

Listening to Rodriguez speak about the situation almost makes you feel sorry for him. He mentioned just this week in an interview in Mexico that he ‘appreciates the support of his many fans.’ Does he not realize that he really doesn’t have any fans?

If he does, they are no better than him.

Rodriguez also mentioned that he ’looks forward to moving on to the next chapter of life.’ The only way to interpret that is that he believes he will play baseball again. I can’t see it happening. In fact there are already rumors that the New York Yankees would rather eat the millions they owe him than have him wear the pinstripes again.

Besides, who would ever take on his salary or want him in their clubhouse anyway? He is already 38 years old so whatever this ‘chapter’ he’s talking about is, I hope he doesn’t think it includes baseball.

I’m Torn on the Hall of Fame

Baseball has gone through several eras during its’ more than 100 years of existence and some of those have been good and some of those have been bad. I really don’t want to see guys like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens in the Hall of Fame because that is all that they desire.

Putting them in even with an asterisk troubles me because they still would be “hall of famers” and I hate how they shamed the game.

At the same time, I recognize that there are players already in the Hall of Fame who weren’t exactly gentlemen or men free of issues both on and off the field. This makes me think that maybe it’s time to recognize the steroid guys somehow. Do they create a wing solely for those of the steroid era? Do they finally use the asterisk or do they acknowledge these players but not make them members?

I really don’t have the answer and I probably never will.