Taking My Shot at Props for Today’s Games

You can be sure Jim Harbaugh is not discussing his pants with Colin Kaepernick.

I’ve spent all week breaking down the AFC and NFC Championship Games and I’m ready to just have a little fun instead of grinding away at over/unders and spreads and who is on what streak and who isn’t. Therefore, I’m just going to throw out everything possible that comes to mind in terms of some prop bets you might want wager on. Don’t laugh; some of these will be off the wall.

AFC Championship

Most Passing Yards – I like Peyton Manning because the Pats will force him to throw more than is probably expected.

Most Rushing Yards – Most will go with LaGarrette Blount here based on last week but I’m going to go Stevan Ridley. He will benefit from all the attention paid to Blount.

Most Receiving Yards – I think Manning will spread the wealth among his many targets and with that thought I like Julian Edelman who will thrive underneath the backers of Denver.

Most Field Goals – This is probably a prop a kicker doesn’t want to win because that means his team is settling for field goals rather than touchdowns. I like Stephen Gostkowski here and I hope that isn’t bad news for him.

Game Props

Most Personal Fouls – Very few people can frustrate a defense the way Tom Brady can. That thought in mind, take the Broncos with the most personal fouls.

Most Challenges – Patriots because Bill Belichick is the smartest man alive.

I expect that Manning will stop using 'Omaha' and will switch to 'Papa John's.'

First Team to Score – Denver. Manning and Company will come out of the gates quickly.

First Player With a Personal Foul – Jaime Collins

Most Penalties – Aggression wins, take the Patriots.

Coin Toss Winner – Denver because the coin thinks Peyton Manning has funny commercials.

First Player to Score – Stevan Ridley

Over/Under on Phil Simms Expressing His Undying Love for Tom Brady – 12, get it?

Over/Under on Number of Times Peyton Manning Yells ‘Omaha’ – Zero. Here’s hoping he comes up with something else like ‘Papa Johns.’

NFC Championship Game

Most Passing Yards – Go with Colin Kaepernick because he has more weapons at receiver and tight end and I believe throwing will win this game.

Most Rushing Yards – I really want to go with a quarterback here but I’m going to go with Marshawn Lynch. I think his ability to break tackles will be the key.

Most Receiving Yards – I have to go with the guy that San Francisco got for a meager 6th-round pick and that’s Anquan Boldin. This is exactly the reason the 49ers wanted him.

Most Field Goals – In a game that is expected to be a low scoring slugfest, field goals will be important. I like the home-team kicker in this one and that means Steven Hauschka.

Game Props

Most Personal Fouls – In a game where trash-talking and late hits will be coming from all angles I think the Seahawks will take the cake here.

Most Challenges – This is too easy. The whiny Jim Harbaugh is likely to take this prop.

First Team to Score – San Francisco. Because they need to get the crowd out of the game immediately.

First Player with a Personal Foul – Richard Sherman or Aldon Smith. Take your pick.

Most Penalties – Seattle. Although San Francisco could push this because of false starts due to crowd noise.

Coin Toss Winner – Seattle because the crowd noise will force the coin to go their way.

First Player to Score – Steven Hauschka

Over/Under on Amount of Times Jim Harbaugh’s Pants are discussed – 9 because that’s allegedly how much spends on them.

Over/Under ob Number of References to the ’12th Man’ – 12 is way too low so let’s double that to 24.