Thursday Sports Rants; Tanaka, The Olympics and Vince Young

The Yankees have signed the 25-year old Japanese phenom Masahiro Tanaka in hopes that he'll return them to the playoffs.

The longer I keep writing about sports and sports betting, the more I realize that there is just no shortage of topics. On any given day, there are at least two to three stories per sport worth noting and that’s where I find myself again today. With that said, I find myself loaded with thoughts on several issues so let me get to them.

Yankees Break the Bank… Again

The New York Yankees have scored several free agents already this season and they may now have arguably grabbed the top one on the market. Japanese sensation Masahiro Tanaka, who was in the midst of a bidding war by several teams, will sign with the Yanks for $155 million. When added to what they’ve already spent this offseason, New York has spent almost a half a billion dollars to get back to the World Series.

Most scouts rate Tanaka even higher than Yu Darvish, but whether he finds the same success he has had in Japan will remain to be seen. He comes off a season in which he went 24-0 and I have a very hard time imagining him, or any other pitcher for that matter doing that in the Major Leagues.

One thing is for certain; the Yankees are very serious about winning another championship. They should be too because Boston winning them doesn’t make the Bronx Bombers feel too good.

Intolerance and terrorism could dominate the games in Sochi, Russia.

Future of Olympics in Limbo?

The Winter Olympic Games are just a few weeks away from taking place in Sochi. For those of you not familiar, Sochi is in Russia and is located along the eastern coast of the Black Sea. This current Olympics makes me wonder if we’ll even see an Olympic Games in the future considering the political strife these games are already causing.

By now you know about the Russian Government’s attitude regarding homosexuality and how that will be a major issue of these games. The other issue is terrorism. These games have already been called ‘the most likely to have a terrorist attack’ by one political pundit. The American Government is so concerned about the safety of their fans and athletes that they have deployed warships into the Black Sea.

This whole scenario makes me wonder about the future of the games. We saw terrorism at the 1972 Games in Munich and again in Atlanta in 1996 and while those were obviously horrible events, they were somewhat centralized. What if we see an attack on the scale that Russia has already seen where not just a few, but hundreds of lives could be lost.

Is this what has become of the Olympic Games?

Vince Young Files for Bankruptcy

It wasn’t that long ago when the University of Texas was winning a national championship behind the arm and legs of Vince Young. The Longhorns now have a different coach and Vince Young is no longer in the game of football. At the age of 30 now, Young’s football career is likely over which is a shame but what is really sad is that he filed for bankruptcy today.

Millions of Americans do this all the time but they didn’t have $25 million contracts though. Young is not the first and won’t be the last professional athlete to do this but his story is but another warning shot across the bow of future professionals. Some of Young’s reasoning for filing was that he is on the hook for nearly two million dollars in unpaid loans.

It seems almost impossible for most of to think about blowing $25 million but apparently it can be done. Hopefully Young can get himself right sooner rather than later.