Wagering Slows as Bettors Await Super Bowl Weather Report

The NFL has set up a contingency plan if Super Bowl XLVIII were to be faced with a foul-weather crisis in East Rutherford, New Jersey, which in February is not far from the realm of possibilities.

Just this past weekend, over a foot of snow was dumped on the ground in the area. However, that amount of snow would not be sufficient for NFL officials to change the date of the game.

If a snowstorm were to cripple New York City, its airports and surrounding area, which includes East Rutherford, then the NFL is set to change the game’s date to February 1, February 3 and even later if needed.

If the game were moved to another venue, it would be rough for the estimated 80,000 fans that will pack the stands on February 2 for the 6:30 pm kickoff.

When it comes to wagering, some bettors are not sure if the game were moved, if their wagers on Bovada, sportsbook.com, topbet or betonline would remain valid.

Often times, language accompanies bets that specifies that the particular even must take place at a specific location on a specific date.

For most sports books the only thing that will make the bet invalid is a change of venue geographically speaking.

That means if the game were moved to Philadelphia wagers would remain valid since it was in the same geographical zone, but if the game were to be played in South Florida, then the wagers would become invalid.

Regardless, if something like that were to happen, the best thing would be for each bettor to contact the sportsbook that is handling their wager and ask them directly.

Last Sunday when the line came out there was a surge of betting on the upcoming Super Bowl like never before. Bettors flipped the line from favoring Seattle to favoring Denver within minutes of the first posting.

However, since then the betting has quieted down with many bettors still undecided and reviewing all of the numbers, trends and possibilities from the wind speed on game day to the sickness of players leading up to the big day.

Most sportsbooks would be hit hard with a Denver and OVER, said one odds maker from Bovada. Many sportsbooks such as topbet have Denver -140/+120 on their money line, with the Broncos at -2.5 on the spread. The total points have been up and down all this first week between 47 and 48.

One big question that has bettors holding off is if the line will move up to -3 for Denver. Some odds makers believe the line will be bet up to -3, which will attract sharp money to take Seattle and the points.

Betting will pick up to full steam by midweek next week as the weather forecast becomes clearer.