Let the Super Bowl Hype Begin

This is the scene of Super Bowl XLVIII on a much warmer day than what is expected for the game.

Once we get through this farce of an all-star game known as the Pro Bowl tomorrow night, 100% of the football focus will immediately take aim at the New York/New Jersey area and Super Bowl XLVIII. There are several angles to this year’s Super Bowl and I’m breaking down the topics that are sure to gain your attention and drive you nuts.

The Weather

Right now, the forecast for Super Bowl XLVIII calls for temps in the low 30’s at kickoff with a chance of precipitation as well. While this is not the blizzard some of us have been hoping for, it appears to be less than wonderful conditions. Common thought is that any precipitation will favor Seattle and their running attack while a dry evening will favor the Broncos.

Because we don’t know exactly what the weather will do at this current time, it’s hard to discuss the possible outcomes and excuses the weather will create. Perhaps most importantly, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already stated that he’ll be sitting outside and will forego the suite life. I’ll give him till mid-second quarter before he suddenly needs a “potty break.”

Don't expect Sherman to be quiet on Media Day but I don't think it'll be as memorable as last week.

Richard Sherman

Super Bowl Media Day is Tuesday and some fans get the chance to watch it for $30. Media Day is also sponsored by Gatorade too which just boggles my mind that media day needs a sponsor but I digress…. While the long snapper for Seattle sits in obscurity, Richard Sherman will have no shortage of press members surrounding his podium as if he were Justin Beiber getting out of jail.

Because of Sherman’s thirty-second blast following the Seahawks’ win over San Francisco, he has become the most discussed and dissected person in sports and it won’t stop here. I don’t expect any memorable lines from Sherman this week because I think he is just as tired of the attention as we are but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy the moment.

Peyton Manning

Thank goodness that the two teams come out for media day at different times on Tuesday or else MetLife Stadium may need to increase capacity considering the press that will be around Sherman and Denver quarterback Peyton Manning. Unlike Sherman, Manning will be relatively low-key and matter of fact when answering questions and that’s nothing new for him.

The biggest question Manning will get probably will deal with his future. There has been some speculation that a victory could mean the end for Manning but I don’t see it that way. I can’t believe that Manning would retire coming off his greatest season even if the Broncos were to lose on Sunday. It just doesn’t sound like him which is why the health question about his neck will be a dominant conversation piece on media day.

The Commissioner

Most of you are aware I have no love for Roger Goodell and I see no reason that will change. He has personally assaulted the game by taking away the aggression of the sport, wants to have a franchise in London and even has suggested a Super Bowl in England as well. Those are just for starters… Later this week, Goodell will deliver his state of the game message and I hope there is at least one journalist who will put Goodell’s feet to the fire.

Chances are, the majority of NFL journalists who are nothing more than shills for Goodell will ask softball questions but I hope someone is willing to go after him. I guarantee there are people who hate what he is doing to the game as much as I do so I hope someone at the very least makes Goodell sweat a little.