Sports Books Release Hundreds of Props for Super Bowl Bettors

The Super Bowl give sports books an opportunity to be creative and use loads of different prop offers to attract bettors to lay more money on the table for the big game on February 2. Props are being linked to other sports this season as well.

The teams in the Super Bowl have been know for a week now and the line -2.5 for Denver and 47.5 for the total has become old news.

Of course some bettors have not yet signed into their Bovada account to wager yet, while other are waiting for the spread to go to 3 points before placing their wager with betonline, topbet or Some are even waiting to see if Mother Nature in New York in February might affect the OVER/UNDER or not.

Since the line and the point total is known by all bettors handicappers are starting to release the different myriad of Super Bowl props that will add to the enjoyment of the game for many NFL bettors.

There is a great deal of interest for the props used in the Super Bowl. At some sportsbooks, the props should generate 50% to 55% of the handle for the big game.

Other books expect the props to be as much as 40% of the overall Super Bowl handle.

Props became a craze in Super Bowl betting back in the days of William “Refrigerator” Perry. In 1986, the Chicago Bears defensive tackle scored a rushing touchdown during Super Bowl XX.

Odds makers that remember that day, say that the bookmakers lost six figures when Perry scored the touchdown.

Because of that, word started to spread quickly about prop bets. While those types of bets were part of the offering prior to Super Bowl XX, significant interest was not given to them. However, Perry’s touchdown changed all that and made them become hugely popular overnight.

With great demand comes an even greater supply. Some books in Vegas and online have released over 400 different props.

One prop for instance asks if Peyton Manning will have two or more touchdown passes with 2 +170 and 3 or more -210.

Seattle’s cornerback Richard Sherman has a number of prop bets including whether he will have an interception or not. He could be a popular player to have many bets due to the controversy swirling around him since the end of the NFC Championship.

On one sports book a safety is sitting at +500. In Super Bowl XLVI the intentional grounding safety that opened the game costing New England two points also cost the house a great deal of money on a props play. The same happened for the intentional safety that Baltimore took late in Super Bowl XLVII.

One international site has gone as far as mixing sports. Bettors can pit the receptions made by Doug Baldwin in the Super Bowl vs. the number of goals scored in the match between Manchester City and Chelsea on Monday February 3.

The props will draw in a large number of bettors who normally would not wager on the game itself, but will on bets out of the box like props.