Yes, You Can Wager on the Pro Bowl


Pro Bowl
Here are your new uniforms for the newly formatted Pro Bowl. I can feel your excitement...

I’m not sure what’s worse; the Pro Bowl itself or the fact that I’m giving you ways to bet on it! The game of football just isn’t conducive to an all-star game yet it continues to be the most watched of the four major professional all-star games. Baseball can still have a competitive game while basketball is essentially an offensive showcase. The same can be said for hockey as well.

I’m going to briefly touch on the line for tonight’s “game” and then move on to much more interesting ways you can actually have some wagering fun while the sun shines on the best in the National Football League.

Rice and Sanders
Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders are your Pro Bowl leaders this year.

Team Rice (-1.5) vs. Team Sanders – I can’t believe I just wrote that…. I guarantee that next year they will use fantasy scoring instead of actual football scoring. I can actually see this happening. I honestly don’t know how odds makers came up with a line for this one but they obviously like Team Rice just a little bit better. Part of that could be the size they have at wide receiver and tight end but I honestly don’t know.

The more interesting number to consider is the over/under which is currently at 90. I would really love to tell you that that number is absolutely ridiculous and that there is no chance that the two teams will reach that but I can’t do that. The Pro Bowl has always been above the norm in scoring but it has gotten crazy in recent years and I expect that to continue.

In the last three years the number has gone over 90 and I expect that trend to continue tonight in Honolulu. Take the over.

Because of the new format of this year’s Pro Bowl, there are a couple of interesting prop bets that I couldn’t have shared in the past. With that said, let’s discuss the prop bets that could keep you sane during this year’s event.

Conference that scores the most points – Because the teams are hand-picked by their respective bosses, players from the same team and same conference can compete against one another. While conference pride may no longer be on the line, there is still the question of which conference has the better players. Therefore, you and your buddies can select who you think will score the most the most points, the AFC or NFC.

Which quarterback throws for the most touchdowns – Your choices this evening will be Nick Foles, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Alex Smith and Andrew Luck. While none of us have any clue as to who plays the most among these six, we can still use some common sense here. I would take out Smith and Newton immediately and put Brees and Luck at the top of my list.

Who wins the coin toss – Well? You have a 50/50 chance so….

Which kicker gets on the board first – Your two choices are both from the AFC. Stephen Gostkowski and Justin Tucker will handle the place-kicking duties tonight. If you use this prop bet, make sure you specify if the PAT counts or only the first one to get a field goal on the board. I like Tucker here.

Who scores the first touchdown – What I’ve learned with this prop bet is that it almost never is a guy everyone expects to score the first TD. Go back to Super Bowl XLIII for example. How many people had little know Steelers’ running back Gary Russell scoring the game’s first touchdown? You want my pick? I like Dez Bryant and I don’t know why.

These are just a few of the prop bets you and your friends can wager tonight. There are many more and several of those include Cris Collinsworth and Hawaiian shirts.