Mid-Week Sports News From the NBA and NFL

Kevin Durant is in the midst of a fantastic run right now for his Thunder.

I’m looking at four key stories today from the National Basketball Association and the National Football League today. From Kevin Durant to the Dallas Cowboys, I have a little bit of everything today.

Kevin Durant

Last night Kevin Durant did two impressive things to add to his current list of impressive things. First, his jumper at the end of the game knocked off the Atlanta Hawks 111-109 and secondly, he extended his streak of 30 point games to 11. Durant finished with 41 points, four rebounds, five assists and three steals and left the home crowd in a frenzy once again.

In recent years, Durant has finished ‘oh so close’ to winning the league’s Most Valuable Player award but LeBron James has beaten him out. If things stay as they are through the rest of the season, Durant won’t have to worry about that. He is far and away the MVP of the 2013-2014 season and his current scoring streak is a prime example why.

Talk is already heating up about whether Carmelo will stay in New York or leave in the offseason.

‘Melo to Stay?

Carmelo Anthony recently poured in 62 points for the New York Knicks to set their team record for points in a game. Perhaps this was also a statement to say “this is why you need to pay me” to his Knicks’ front office. Anthony will be a free agent at the end of this season and he has a number of options but basically just two when it comes to money.

The Knicks can give him a max deal worth $129 million over five years while the most he could get elsewhere would be $96 million over four years. With the Los Angeles Lakers in the Big Apple this week, Kobe Bryant was asked about Anthony playing with the Lakers. Bryant said he won’t be recruiting him but not in a negative way. He just made it clear Anthony has to make his own decision.

The money tells us he will stay in New York but with the dysfunction that is the New York Knicks, will he want to stay or will he want to go somewhere where a legitimate championship awaits? If I’m him, I’m gone.

Dysfunction in Big D

The Dallas Cowboys have reportedly hired former Lions’ offensive coordinator Scott Linehan to be their play-caller for the 2014 season. This will be the third different play-caller the Cowboys have had in the last three years. The first question has to be why? The Dallas offense really hasn’t been the problem. Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin’s unit was historically bad last season but he’ll be back at least as of right now.

This move was clearly made by ‘General Manager’ Jerry Jones with the blessing of ‘owner’ Jerry Jones which really is problem number one according to anyone who knows how things work in Big D. Can the Dallas offense be better? Of course they can and so can Tony Romo which may be the real point here but even that doesn’t make sense.

If you want to bring in a guy who can help Romo make better decisions, especially late in games, is Linehan really the best choice for that? He just got canned in Detroit along with head coach Jim Schwartz in part because Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford had become so erratic in his decision-making and throwing. This is a move to me that is one of desperation whether Jones will admit it or not.

Super Bowl Weather

Looks like Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league will avoid a major mess as decent weather is forecasted for Sunday. Right now the temps are expected to be in the mid-30’s with little if any precipitation. The wind could be a factor but that remains to be seen just yet. Looks like the blizzard I was hoping for isn’t going to happen.