NFL and Vegas a Billion Dollar Relationship

The NFL is the most popular sport for public bettors in the U.S. However, on one side the NFL believes the betting world and Vegas hold dirty little secrets, while on the other side that secret might not be as dirty as it seems.

Before Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII is over the sports books including Bovada, topbet, betonline, and a host of others will cross the $100 million mark for the handle on the game.

That will make the day, the single greatest in the history of sports gambling. A feather in the cap moment for the world’s gaming industry, and another awkward one for the billion dollar industry known as the NFL.

Publicly Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner has kept the world of sports wagering at a distance, but the impact it has on the game cannot be denied.

If the league wanted gambling to stop, there would be no lucrative contract for television and an end to the injury report, said on legendary odds maker in Vegas this week.

While the commissioner has spoken about the integrity of the NFL in the past and how the league needs to stay away from any gambling connections as to eliminate the thought or chance of nefarious actions taking place, the league has a connection very few people are aware of.

Once the last whistle has blown on Sunday’s Super Bowl and the last of the thousands of fans have left Met Life Stadium in New Jersey, another NFL season will have come to an end along with a contract that is little known.

In 2012, the NFL gave permission for teams to have a limited amount of casino advertising. Although the NFL has a list of prohibited categories for advertising that includes “gambling related advertising,” NFL officials allowed teams on an individual basis to accept ads from casinos on signs at stadiums, game programs and on radio stations that are local.

The ads can only be for a casino without any sports book and cannot have images of dice, cards and slots.

One insider in the television industry believes that the league will either move ahead with its current setup for this type of advertising or relax their standards even more on the casino advertising and allow team to makes million of dollars more. Just another example of how much casinos want in on advertising with the NFL.

By far, both professional and college football is the biggest attraction at all sports books. Of the close to $4 billion wagered annually, over 50% is on football.