This Monday Really Sucks But There is a Silver Lining

The end of football season sucks but at least you don't have to hear "Omaha" for awhile.

For the vast majority of us in the workforce, few days are as bad as Monday. It’s the first day of the work week which means that after Monday, there are still four more days to get through. Even for those of us who enjoy our jobs we must admit that Monday is often very tough to get through.

Today is Monday. This particular Monday however is a little more excruciating than really any other Monday on the calendar for a decent percentage of us. Last night, the Super Bowl was played and I don’t yet know the winner because I’m writing this early so I can watch the game. Be that as it may, today we embark on a long journey of days without football.

Some of you will make the smooth transition into college basketball, the NBA or the NHL but some of you will loathe the next five to six months when you find yourself digging through old DVR recordings of games from this past season. Still, it isn’t the same.

Oh sure, there’s the NFL Combine coming later this month but how many fans really tune into that expecting it to take away their ‘no football blues?’ When the combine ends, the on campus workouts begin and free agency gets underway and it is often enough for us to be satisfied if ever so slightly for our taste in football.

NFL Draft
The NFL Draft will be here soon enough so don't dispair football fans.

As you comb over the multitude of mock drafts looking to see who your favorite team is interested in you start to get the itch but you can’t scratch it because training camp is still a couple of months away.

The draft comes and you comb over the players your team has selected and then you start to read about whether this guy is a ‘reach’ or that guy is a ‘bust’ or maybe that third-rounder is a real ‘gem.’ Regardless, it only satisfies you a little.

Eventually the summer rolls around and before you know it you’re setting off fireworks in the backyard to celebrate Independence Day. Now, just weeks away is the start of training camp and thought of your team being on the field once again brings a small tear to your eye as your long wait is over.

Football will be back.

Until then, take solace in the fact that there are a few things you won’t miss. These are the things that will make up your silver lining.

  • No more discussions about whether Richard Sherman or Bill Belichick is the ‘real thug.’
  • No longer have to hear half of ESPN’s NFL crew butcher the English language.
  • You won’t have to sit through reviews which are ‘reviewed’ purely so the NFL can get in another series of commercials.
  • You’ll no longer have to listen to the following question each week from your significant other; “What time do the (insert your team here) play?
  • You’ll get a substantial reprieve from seeing Jim Harbaugh pout like five-year old on the sidelines or in some cases on the field.
  • No more ‘Omaha!!!!’
  • No more ’12th man’
  • No more Cris Collinsworth
  • You can forget hearing about whether Tony Romo is a choker or not.
  • You can also forget hearing about what stupid thing Roger Goodell thinks up next.
  • You’ll be glad not to hear about Mike Shanahan and RGIII twelve times a day.
  • No more close-ups of Archie Manning whose fame is far greater as a father than it ever was a player.

These are but a few of the things you will be happy to be without for the next several months and today is only Monday. The worst Monday of them all.