Two Picks to Consider for Super Bowl XLIX

The NFL futures are a great thing. The NFL season has been over for just two weeks yet talk about next season has already started.

Last year at this time, the teams with the lowest futures on odds for the Super Bowl were San Francisco, Denver, New England and Seattle. Of course, football bettors know those were the last four NFL teams standing heading into the Conference championships last month.

While betting on Bovada or topbet on the futures is not without risks, the futures book does have interesting opportunities available for those willing to take the risk.

As the offseason starts, there are two big questions bettors for next year’s Super Bowl need to ask themselves.

If Seattle wins the NFC, can a long shot on betonline or win the title in the AFC and set up a hedge opportunity?

Is Seattle even beatable in the upcoming Super Bowl?

The questions require NFL handicappers to look over the strength of the top contenders in the NFL as well as the quality of the AFC from top to bottom, as that conference looks weaker than the NFC.

Here is a pair of teams that might be interesting to consider when you decide to make a futures pick on one of the top online sports books such as Bovada, betonline, or topbet.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers (15 to 1) are, when playing their best, the top threat to Seattle and San Francisco. They have had their problems with the 49ers, losing 4 straight in two seasons, but both defeats in 2013 were by fewer than 7 points.

With a strong running attack and a strong-arm, mobile quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, whose accuracy is nearly untouchable, Green Bay could make it back to the big game.

Some would argue that the 15 to 1 odds are too short as Green Bay’s defense is a big concern. In addition, the Packers are just 1-3 over their past four postseason games and this in Rodgers’ prime.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens (35 to 1) are also a good choice to consider for a futures pick. The Ravens defense is very strong. On offense, Joe Flacco their quarterback won the MVP of the Super Bowl just over a year ago. The front office has in the past and will in the future address the roster needs of the team, as they are one of the best in the league.

There is a reasonable amount of certainty that in August Baltimore will be a better team than they currently are in February.

On the downside is that during their poor season in 2013 in the AFC, Baltimore did not even reach the postseason. They lost the AFC North by three games to Cincinnati.

Offensively the Ravens were disappointing. The running attack with Ray Rice never could get out of neutral. Flacco’s passing attack was lacking one or two receivers and better protection.

The Ravens added Gary Kubiak as their offensive coordinator and that should help, but much work needs to be completed before September arrives.

Nevertheless, taking longer numbers on the Ravens could prove beneficial in early February 2015.