Incidents in College Football and Basketball Prove Fans Have Lost It

Rashaan Evans has felt the wrath of Auburn fans after he chose to attend Alabama on signing day.

I don’t know when it happened exactly but I’m quite sure that college sports’ fans and fans in general have pretty much jumped the shark. Maybe ‘jumping the shark’ isn’t the right way of saying it. Lost their minds? There, that sounds much better.

This past week has shown us that fans of college sports teams have gone overboard with their level of enthusiasm.

In one case, Oklahoma State University basketball star Marcus Smart flew into the stands at Texas Tech University. Smart had hustled down court to block a lay-up attempt when his momentum carried him into the seats behind the basket.

Smart was getting to his feet when he clearly heard something directed at him that must not have been very nice. Smart’s head whipped around to see a man in a Texas Tech polo flapping his gums at Smart.

Smart was suspended for three games which is fair. Fan Jeff Orr should be banned from games period.

Smart lost his cool and shoved the fan. While I believe Smart was wrong, I also believe that if he were my child, I would have had no problem with his actions. Tech ‘superfan’ Jeff Orr admitted he called Smart a “piece of crap” yet Smart claims it was a much more racial comment.

Either way, Orr needs to be removed by the University, not himself from all future Red Raider events at least for the year. He claimed he will not attend any more basketball games this year home or away but it should be a decision the university makes, not him.

In the world of college football this past week we have yet another sign of fans who take things way too seriously. Last Wednesday of course was National Signing Day for those players signing a national letter of intent. Basically, this is where they decide where they are going to take their football talents.

It really has become a national holiday of sorts which is sad unto itself, but it took an even sadder step when a young man from Alabama committed to play for Alabama.

In most situations we’d think that any young man from the state of Alabama who chooses to play for the Tide would be loved and worshipped. This is not the case because this young man, Rashaan Evans, is from Auburn, Alabama.

Yes, that Auburn.

The Tigers were so sure that Evans was going to sign with them that they had already posted a bio page on their website for him.

Evans, who is a five-star linebacker, instead chose to play for the Crimson Tide. In the week that has passed since his announcement, Evans has been chastised and criticized on social media and even in person in some cases.

Auburn fans are not taking his decision well and are not only taking it out on him but on his parents’ business as well. So bad has it been that Auburn fans have gone to school board meetings at Evans’ high school in order to get him suspended.

His teachers have reported that they have been asked to fail him or find ways to get him in trouble and he’s even been told by fans that they want him to blow out his knee in the first game.

As sad and disturbing as this is, it’s probably even worse knowing many of these “fans” probably have never even attended a class at Auburn let alone graduate from the school. Are these people so desperate that they take to harassing a teenager?

None of this should really surprise us though should it? And that I find sad as well.