Wells Report is Disturbing; Goodell is Doing Alright

The Wells' Report paints Richie Incognito as most already saw him, as a disgusting bully.

Richie Incognito tweeted yesterday that he could he could not be defined in 144 years let alone 144 pages. I have to think the vast majority of people would strongly disagree with that following the release of the Wells Report which breaks down the environment in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room during the early part of the 2013 season.

If you’ll recall, offensive tackle Jonathan Martin left the team citing his inability to tolerate the bullying and harassment from guard Richie Incognito. Within days, Incognito was suspended by the Dolphins and an investigation was launched by the National Football League.

After looking through the 144 page report I can tell you this; Richie Incognito is a disturbed individual. Jonathan Martin is not without fault and Mike Pouncey isn’t exactly having the best year of his life either.

I’ve been in and out of locker rooms my entire life and I can tell you that I’ve heard and even been involved with some ‘locker room banter’ that was pretty vulgar but nothing, I mean “nothing” could compare to the stuff Incognito was spewing. The locker room has always been a place of bonding and a place where you really can find out just what type of character your teammates have.

Incognito reportedly commented on both Martin’s sister and mother in such vulgar, sexual terms that I honestly don’t know how Martin didn’t just deck him right there. But that’s part of where Martin is at fault too. Because he chose to do nothing about the comments, Martin essentially was telling Incognito and company that these types of comments were fair game.

Bullies like Incognito will not stop with the harassment until they confronted. Martin instead tried to befriend Incognito in an effort to make the bullying stop and instead it only got worse.

Many NFL players who I’ve seen comment have all said basically what I’m saying as well. Locker room talk can be pretty harsh but stuff like this is way over the line and should not have been allowed to continue. I believe Martin came to the Dolphins with a rather low self-esteem and Incognito pounced on the opportunity to ‘mold’ him.

My guess is that Richie Incognito will never play in the NFL again and as far as Jonathan Martin goes, I think teams will be very cautious in bringing him in for a number of reasons.

Much of Goodell's $44 million is believed to be from his 'pro-management' CBA in 2011.

Roger Goodell is Buying

According to deadspin.com, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made $44 million dollars over a 12-month period ending March 31, 2013. I think it’s safe to say that Roger Goodell will be buying dinner this evening.

The breakdown of Goodell’s income is disturbing though yet not surprising. His base salary was $9 million but he also was paid for meeting certain benchmarks and it’s widely believed he received a hefty sum for the very ‘pro-management’ settlement in the most recent collective bargaining agreement with the players.

If you’re wondering who pays his salary, the teams do. Which means that if you attend a game or buy some swag then you’re helping to pay Goodell. I know I feel good about that…

What’s ironic is that just two years prior, Goodell was only making about $11 million. That number grew to $29 million and then the $40 million were talking about today. This latest revelation will only stir the ‘Goodell haters’ like me even more. The fact that he makes more than double the top salary of any player is disturbing and yet another example of how CEO salaries are out of control.

The NFL is number one for many reasons but if Goodell thinks he is part of the reason he is sorely mistaken.