A Saturday Morning Tour Around the Sports World

Richie Incognito, in a happier moment with his Ferrari, took a bat to it earlier this week.

I really wish I could say I was surprised by the recent behavior of Richie Incognito. Two weeks ago he was tweeting positively about Jonathan Martin and then turned it around almost immediately as the Wells’ Report came out. Now we are seeing that Incognito took a bat to his Ferrari leaving significant damage to the pricey vehicle. To top it all off, latest reports are suggesting he is now in some type of rehab due to the bullying issues but also because of his parents’ pending divorce.

I’ve said it all along and I’ll say it again. The one with the problems here was not Jonathan Martin; it was and has been Richie Incognito. This guy has long been an insecure boy in a man’s body. He gets his kicks by intimating others and bullying them as he did with Martin and others on the Dolphins’ staff. Incognito’s behavior is way beyond typical locker room environments and it now appears he is reaping what he has sewn.

LeBron, Un-Masked?

LeBron wearing his black mask... He's been told to wear a clear one.

In case you haven’t been following your NBA news recently then you might not now that LeBron James recently had his nose broken on a drive to the basket against Oklahoma City last week. After missing one game, James appeared the time out with a black mask that believe it or not, garnered more attention than he did.

The all black carbon fiber mask sent social media into a frenzy with such comments as ‘LeBron Zorro’ and ‘LeBron is the new Batman.’ So popular was the mask that the Miami Heat have already started selling t-shirts with James’ masked image on them.

The National Basketball Association however isn’t quite so crazy about it. They have requested that LeBron use the more traditional clear carbon fiber mask that everyone else in the league uses when protecting facial injuries. LeBron reportedly will follow the NBA’s request and move to the clear mask but he has also promised to ‘style it up’ a bit. I know I can’t wait…


Wichita State Nears Perfection

As the Wichita State Shockers close in on a perfect regular season (they have one game remaining), the question has to be asked. Does this team need to lose before entering the NCAA Tournament? Before we get ahead of ourselves, the Shockers will have to navigate the Missouri Valley Conference tournament before March Madness officially begins.

If this were one of college basketball’s elite, like a Duke, Syracuse or Michigan State, then I believe the pressure would be even more intense than it is on the Shockers. My personally feeling is that great teams don’t need to lose, they need to just keep winning. Gregg Marshall strikes me as the type of coach who will navigate these waters quite well.

Should the Shockers ultimately lose I don’t believe it will be because of stress, it will be because they lost to a better team.

Springing Into Action

Major League Baseball now has all of it’s’ teams in full swing in spring training now and speculation is running rampant about who will make the playoffs. I can tell you with high confidence that I’ll be back with my annual predictions for each division winner, pennant winner and World Series Champion. Last year I didn’t do too badly with the Detroit Tigers and LA Dodgers in the World Series.

Obviously neither team made it but they did both make the playoffs. I certainly never saw the Cards and BoSox having the seasons they did but I will certainly do my best to send you in the right direction with your 2014 MLB predictions.