Weekend Ramblings Offer a Little of Everything

Tiger Woods, seen here last year, is playing awfully well for a guy who had a bad back less than a week ago.

It’s been another one of those weeks in the world of sports so as is my typical weekend routine, I’m going to touch on a number of topics. Let’s get to it.

Tiger in Contention

Earlier this week I blasted Tiger Woods for withdrawing from the Honda Classic with a ‘back injury.’ Woods had no possible or realistically possible way I should say of winning the tournament and we all know he doesn’t exactly need the money. I stand by my thoughts earlier this week 100% and Tiger has actually helped prove my own case.

He is now in contention at the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral and for the first time in 2014 has a legitimate shot win a tournament. Does anyone else find it amazing that a guy with a bad back is suddenly playing well just days after having to leave a tournament early? Woods shtick is getting old. He is the classic sore loser who finds excuses when he doesn’t play well.

Listen to his comments today should he come up short. I can almost guarantee he’ll cite his back flaring up today. Woods has been wonderful for the game of golf but he is far from the first golfer I would suggest your kids emulate.

Will Phil Jackson be the Knicks' savior from the GM spot? He has to accept the job first.

Phil to the Knicks?

ESPN’s resident loudmouth Stephen A. Smith is reporting that former Knicks’ player and former Bulls’ and Lakers’ head coach Phil Jackson is considering the general manager position with the Knicks. I will be stunned if he takes this job. I’m not saying he won’t, but I just don’t see it happening.

The Knicks are a complete mess from the ownership on down so why Jackson would take this job is beyond me with one exception. Should he take it and bring the Knicks back to being a legitimate threat every year then he becomes a greater idol than he already is. Let’s assume he takes the job. The first issue will be Carmelo Anthony’s free agency.

If I’m Jackson, I let him go and start the rebuilding process from the ground up. That said, I still don’t see him taking this job. Remember, his girlfriend helps run the Lakers on the opposite coast too.

Fan Behavior Getting Out of Hand?

Earlier this season we had Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart crashing into the stands after blocking a shot. Within seconds, he was reacting to a Texas Tech fan’s comment and was in the fan’s face. Smart was suspended for three games and rightfully so because he just can’t do that. Unfortunately, it was hard to blame him and it’s getting harder to blame players and coaches for reacting to fans these days.

Earlier this week we saw a student rush onto the court at UC-Santa Barbara and confront Hawaii Head Coach Gib Arnold. The fact that the student entered the court from the opposite side and still made it all the way over to go face-to-face with Arnold is disturbing enough but what if this was worse? What if the fan had a weapon or what if the fan had struck Arnold?

The last thing I want to see is our sports played in a cage where fans are separated from the games they have paid to attend. I don’t think we’re there yet but I fear its coming. College basketball crowds have always been raucous and at times very inappropriate towards players and coaches but of late, it has gotten out of hand all over the country.

A player should never go into the stands ala Ron Artist but more and more I’m starting to understand why they would. Everyone has their breaking point and if security isn’t doing the job then I understand why players and coaches will take care of themselves.