Broncos Super Bowl Odds Shortened By Free Agent Signings

Earlier this week odds makers posted win totals for the 2014 NFL season. Now odds makers at Bovada, topbet, and betonline have released updated futures for Super Bowl 49.

When the Super Bowl 49 odds were first posted after the surprising dominating win by the Seattle Seahawks over the Denver Broncos there were not many folks running to their computers to place a bet on Denver on one of their favorite online wagering sites.

However, when the Broncos were able to sign Aqib Talib a talented cornerback and T.J. Ward a physical presence at safety on Tuesday and follow that with the signing of DeMarcus Ware one of the NFL’s top pass rushers, the sports books took big notice.

The books did not take many futures bets on the runner up in the Super Bowl, but adjusted their odds nonetheless.

One odds maker at Bovada said they are watching intently the free agent signings and reacting quickly with each new signing just to play it safe.

Most feel the Broncos have one more shot at the title and the recent moves they have made have made the runner up team in the NFL even stronger.

When the Super Bowl futures were first posted days after the Seattle rout, odds makers had Denver sitting on 7 to 1 to win Super Bowl 49.

That was quickly bet up to 9 to 1 when a great deal of betting came in on the Seahawks moving them from 8 to 1 down to just 3 to 1.

However, with the three new free agent acquisitions, Denver had its odds shortened to 6 to 1, which places them third on most futures boards behind Seattle and San Francisco (9 to 2).

Some of the betting sites, such as Bovada, shortened the Denver odds to see if bettors would react to the recent signings.

By moving Denver up to third and 6 to 1, many books also pushed the New England Patriots down a notch to 15 to 2 from their previous 7 to 1.

Denver lost Eric Decker one of their wide receivers who signed with the New York Jets. The Broncos will likely lose running back Knowshon Moreno as well, but the loss of those two should not impact the Super Bowl odds as long as the offense for Denver is operated by future hall of famer Peyton Manning.

One question the bettors will be asking themselves is if there is good value with the Broncos at their current 6 to 1.

Public bettors often times hold grudges and many were burned and burned bad by Denver in Super Bowl 48. When bettors lose the season’s final and most important game, a bad taste in their mouth lingers longer than other losses.

Many hesitate after seeing the defense of Seattle shut down the offense for Denver, since no one wants to be burned or fooled twice. However, if the three acquisitions can help the defense, as Denver believes they will, then everyone knows that it is the defense that wins the Lombardi Trophy.

Just ask Seattle.