NFL News Includes Jim Irsay, Pro Days and an AFC Arms Race

How will Roger Goodell handle the discipline for one of his bosses, Jim Irsay?

Well, well, well, this is going to be very interesting now isn’t it? National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is now facing one of his toughest decisions the leader of the most popular professional sports league in North America.

He has to punish his boss. More specifically, Goodell will have to decide the fate of one of the 32 men who he reports to on a regular basis.

Indianapolis Colts’ owner Jim Irsay was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and also was charged with having controlled substances in his vehicle. Police discovered prescription medication that was not prescribed to him in the car.

In the hours since his arrest, many, including journalists in Indianapolis have suggested that Irsay is a ‘sick man’ in desperate need of help. This may be true but should that disqualify him from the punishment that you and I would face in the circumstance?

No, it shouldn’t and this is part of the dilemma facing Goodell.

There will be no more interested group than the NFL Players’ Association in this situation. They have watched more than one of their members get raked over the coals for seemingly minor things while owners and front office personnel get slapped on the wrist with a wet noodle.

Roger Goodell cannot afford to mess this punishment up. He must be fair and understanding of Irsay’s issues but he must also send a clear message. He cannot treat one group in the league one way yet treat another group totally different.

The divide that exists between players and the management is already quite wide. A lazy or soft punishment will create a canyon so wide it may never be mended.

Bridgewater's less than stellar pro day has him dropping a bit in mock drafts.

Pro Day Nonsense

Earlier this week, Louisville Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater held his pro day for NFL teams and according to most who were present, things didn’t go all that well.

Bridgewater was very inaccurate on deep balls and reportedly struggled making some of the other ‘NFL-type’ throws which include sideline routes and crossing patterns. This is what we should keep in mind about these pro days; JaMarcus Russell’s pro day was called one of the best ever in the history of pro days.

That bit of information should tell you that there is nothing more important than game film. I could care less how a kid throws in his t-shirt and shorts in a perfect environment. Give me the kid who makes plays with his feet and his arm.

Most of all let his game film tell the story. I have no idea if Bridgewater will be a bust or an all-pro but what I do know is that his future won’t come down to what he did at his pro day.

Pats and Broncos in an Arms Race

I really do love this time of year in the National Football League. Fans and even the talking heads at ESPN and the NFL Network are already handing the AFC Crown to either Denver or New England based upon their free agent signings thus far.

Do these same people forget that not even a snap has been made yet in the 2014 season? Games are not played on paper and they are not played in March. If fans want to be excited about their team’s moves then by all means be excited. I admit, both of these teams have added several key parts to already solid line-ups but let’s see how things play out before we go crowning people.

Did we learn nothing from Dennis Green’s rant a few years ago?