NCAA Tournament Props Focus on Conference Wins

The NCAA Tournament begins in earnest on Thursday with a 16-game lineup and many public and sharp money bettors will be looking into all the props odds makers on betonline, Bovada, topbet and have on offer.

Many of the props have an emphasis on how some top-seeded team will make out, as well as the number of collective wins the 10 conferences represented would have by tournament end.

One problem some bookmakers had was the need to readjust some numbers that had been preset when the NCAA selection committee seeded certain teams very far from where odds makers fell they should be.

Despite there being a number of questionable decisions made by the selection committee over 53 props were available to the public as early as Monday.

For example, how is it that odds makers have given a ninth seed, the Pittsburgh Panthers the role of a 6-point favorite over the Colorado Buffaloes, when Colorado is ranked higher at No. 8.

UMass was slotted in as the No. 6 seed in their region, when the Kentucky Wildcats were given a No. 8 seed. UMass did not win the conference tourney or the regular season title, but were given the No. 6 seed. Iowa State won the Big 10 tourney and was put into a No. 3 seed, but Michigan State just a No. 4.

On the power ratings for Bovada, UMass has been rated as No. 47 meaning there are theoretically speaking 46 teams that if they played the Minutemen would be favored at a neutral site. One of the 46 teams, at No. 30 is SMU and they were not even selected to the Big Dance.

The prop thus far that is getting a large amount of action is the UNDER on tournament wins for the Atlantic 10 conference. The line opened at 4 UNDER -125. Thus far as of Wednesday night, it had been bet up as much as UNDER -250.

That prop has been hit hard on many sportsbooks, as sentiment is not too high for the success of the teams from the Atlantic 10.

Another popular prop thus far is the UNDER on Wichita State in tournament wins at 2.5.

The toughest decisions in the prop making were for the Big Ten total wins since the conference is considered the best in the nation.

Six Big 10 teams were selected while seven were taken from the Big 12. However, the Big 10 has more teams that look to have a better chance of going deeper into the tournament than the Big 12 teams.

Michigan State is one of those teams. The team is once against healthy, playing as it did earlier in the season and coach Tom Izzo knows how to get the best out of his players during tournament time.

Another selection committee decision that has odds makers rolling their eyes was putting Michigan State at No. 4 after they completely dominated Michigan in the Big 10 conference championship, and then placing Michigan at No. 2.

All this questioning of the seeds will stop when the first game tips off Thursday afternoon to officially begin March Madness 2014.