NCAA Hoops Thoughts As We Head to the Final Four

Auriemma's Huskies could meet another unbeaten team in the finals but is anyone watching?

The NCAA Final Four is now set and waiting to play on Saturday night in Dallas are Florida, UConn, Wisconsin and Kentucky. The Gators will play the Huskies and the irony here is that UConn is the last team defeat the Gators. Should they and Wisconsin both advance, the Gators would be playing the only other team to beat them in the 2013-2014 season.

As fantastic a run the Kentucky Wildcats are on, it’s hard to think the Wisconsin Badgers aren’t on a more amazing one. Consider for a second that this really isn’t one of Head Coach Bo Ryan’s best defensive units and that star player Frank Kaminsky was nothing but a bench-sitter most of the team last year. When the Badgers and Wildcats hook up on Saturday it will be the ultimate in college basketball contrasts.

Kentucky is dominated by freshmen who were McDonald’s All-Americans and the best players from their respective states. Wisconsin is made up of ‘really good’ players but nothing like what the Wildcats will bring to the court. I’ll give you my Final Fur breakdown later this week but rest assured, both games promise to be enticing and entertaining matchups.

The Women’s’ Game Continues to Suffer

Every year I hear how women’s’ college basketball needs just the right situation to capture the attention of basketball fans who could otherwise care less. This year appears to be offering exactly what some seem to think it needs in what could be a match-up of unbeaten teams in the National Championship game.

Assuming Notre Dame and UConn advance to the finals, both the Irish and the Huskies will do so with totally unblemished records. Yet, there is very little talk about it and frankly that’s a shame but the women’s’ game has yet to make the proper adjustments to even give it a chance.

I’ve argued for a long time that the women’s’ game needs to change when it plays its’ tournament so as not to be completely hidden behind the men’s’ games. Still they have yet to make the proper moves to gain any attention. The men’s’ game has already started toying with the idea of starting later so as not to be put on the back burner while college football gets the bulk of the attention.

I strongly encourage the women’s’ game to take steps to get itself out from underneath the shadow of the monster that is the men’s’ game and even a battle between two unbeaten teams can’t help that.

Wiggins Heads to the Pros

In what has to be the least surprising announcement in recent basketball history, Kansas’ Freshman Andrew Wiggins has made it clear he will be entering the NBA Draft this summer. The 6’8″ swingman will more than likely be chosen among the top three selections. With his teammate Joel Embiid already in the draft, only Jabari Parker’s entrance would change the order of the three might go.

Wiggins, Embiid and perhaps Parker entering the draft after one year of college ball again has to raise questions about whether the current rule really accomplishes anything. Part of me would love to see these kids have to fall in line with the NFL rule of being out of high school for three years before entering the draft but I also understand the games are very different.

If a young man coming out of high school is good enough to enter the NBA then he shouldn’t be held out but I do believe there has to be an out for some of these kids who chose to enter the draft but don’t get selected. I’m not sure how this process would or should work but something has to change in my opinion.