NFL: Drafting a Quarterback Can Make or Break an NFL Franchise

The NFL Draft will be held on May 8-10 and as the date gets closer, a number of teams’ thoughts turn to the quarterback, the highest paid position on the NFL.

Drafting the right quarterback has a huge impact on the future of a franchise. However, the implications of making a mistake can even be bigger.

The quarterback in the NFL is paid the big bucks. That means that if a team drafts a great quarterback and pays them well it is a good investment on the team’s part, but if they habitually throw good money after bad and draft poorly performing signal callers each season, then it is a bad investment.

There are five teams in the past 10 seasons that have drafted from two to four quarterbacks who never played or were never even thought of other than playing a backup role.

The five teams Bears, Cowboys, Patriots, Saints and Texans all had talented quarterbacks in Cutler, Romo, Brady, Brees and Schaub thus never drafted a quarterback high enough in the past 10 seasons who played even sporadically.

In a recent study, researchers used a point system on every quarterback that was drafted in the past 10 seasons.

The teams that never drafted a quarterback correctly over that period were 702-1057 in the ten seasons. However, the teams that were successful in making good quarterback choices in their draft were 1024-732.

Winning means the playoffs, and the team that drafted poorly played just 25 postseason games during the 10 years or an average of just 0.2 games per team per season. Research Bovada,, betonline and topbet shows those teams in their playoff appearances were just 9-16.

On the other hand, the teams that drafted well at quarterback played in 121 playoff games or 1.1 games per team per season and finished the playoffs 62-59.

The past 10 winners of the Super Bowl have all had play at quarterback that was solid.

New England and New Orleans along with the Cowboys, Bears and Texans were not part of the research due to their franchise quarterbacks.

Six of the Super Bowl champions were near the top of the list in quarterback drafting including Pittsburgh twice, Seattle, Indianapolis, Green Bay and Baltimore.

The New York Giants were middle of the pack in their quarterback draft efficiency but still won two Super Bowls in that period.

Not a single team won a Super Bowl in the 10 seasons the study encompassed that drafted inefficiently at quarterback.

Because of this, it is so critical for a team to draft quarterback efficiently in the NFL draft.

The quarterback has the single most impact of any player in winning games in the NFL. With a league loaded with parity, it is hard for teams to win without good production at quarterback.