Enjoy the Masters With Some In-Round Prop Bets

Just because it has already started doesn't mean you can't find ways to wager.

Quite often when a major sporting event begins, many of us often think our wagering opportunities are over. That couldn’t be further from the truth people! The second round of The Masters will tee off this morning and most of you will follow along at work on your phone or computer. But when the weekend hits, get together with some friends and enjoy some of these wagering chances.

1. Round of the day – Depending upon how many people you’ll be watching The Masters with, you can always start this prop bet the night before with people who might not even be around. Simply pick a player who you feel will shoot the best round of the day and go from there. For tie-breakers, use the number of birdies registered by each player.

In terms of money, that’s up to you and your playing partners. I would suggest starting with $5 and go from there.

Can Mickelson make the cut despite a poor opening round? You could bet on that.

2. Making the Cut – If you read this soon enough, then do it. Otherwise wait for next year or use it during the US Open. Have your betting buddies pick a player who is one shot to either side of the potential cut line. Have them throw in a few bucks or start with $5 as we did above. This is a pretty simple one really and if you can’t get an idea of what the cut line could be then just use guys who five or more strokes off the lead.

3. Ace in the Hole – Let’s face it, getting a hole in one doesn’t happen very often even as good as these guys are but that doesn’t mean you can’t wager on the possibility of one happening right?

You could do this prop two different ways; you could have all participating players throw in money if they believe an ace will occur on that day’s round but they must also name the par three hole it will happen on. If someone does get an ace and it is on the hole chosen, those bettors would split the money.

The other way you could do this is to actually pick players who you think will score an ace. If no player scores a hole in one, then either refund the money or roll the money over to the next major tournament. You could do that with option one as well.

4. Player Combinations – This one is very straight-forward. Have each participant choose two players, doesn’t matter which round or use a combination of rounds, and combine their two scores. The lowest combined score between the two selected players wins.

Remember you are going for lowest combined score here so if you have Jason Day paired with Adam Scott and each shoots three under par then they would total -6. You could really technical here and have a ‘draft’ of sorts where you draw numbers to see who gets to pick their golfer first. Reverse order for the second golfer chosen.

Again, if you run into situations where you have a tie, you could use total number of combined birdies, any team that has an eagle or perhaps fewest bogeys on the combined scorecard.

There are numerous other ways to have a little wagering fun on not just The Masters but other golf major titles as well. As I said in the opening, just because an even has begun, that doesn’t mean that you have to dismiss wagering on them until the next year.

Be creative and have fun!