Sportsbooks Profitable on NFL Due to Uninformed Bettors

Sports books are very profitable and it might be because too many public bettors listen to what sports reporters say. Reporters tend to be unrealistic with their expectations of the teams they are covering.

Regardless of the year, sports books like Bovada,, topbet and betonline make large sums of money during the NFL season.

Most media companies around the country, especially the large sports networks, hire a reporter for each team in the league. The number one responsibility of that reporter is to cover that team and study them better than 99% of the public could or would. They in turn then share that expertise with the public.

It would only seem right to say the reporters should have a pretty close and accurate way of assessing the fortunes of the team or teams they are covering. The reporters are not expected to be fans of the teams they are covering, but rather information gatherers that can give the public the truth but not information that favors the team being covered.

A group of 32 reporters from a national sports network was asked to give their predictions of the record for the regular season for the NFL team they were covering.

The reporters gave their predictions without consulting any of their colleagues. The results will surprise many bettors and those who follow the sport closely.

Of the 32 NFL teams, only five were predicted to finish below .500; Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders.

Thirteen of the 32 teams were predicted to win 10 games or more.

In comparison over the past three seasons, 14 teams on average per season have finished below .500.

On average, 11 teams over the past three seasons have won 10 games or more during the regular season.

The total wins predicted for the 32 teams were 290, which is an average of 9.1 per team. This means an average NFL team would finish 9-7.

These are results that are impossible to reach for average teams in the NFL. Therefore, when the national media cannot estimate accurately the success of a team, it in turn filters on to the bettors.

Bettors are usually already  brainwashed due to their own fan bias, but then adding to that the media angle which is placing unrealistic expectations for their team’s success, causes bettors sometime to make uninformed wagers at the window or online.

That is why when sportsbooks online like Bovada, betonline, topbet and field NFL win totals for teams, the vast majority are on the OVERs as the bettor is influenced by his or her won bias as the fan and by the media handing out unrealistic expectations of the teams they are covering.

To make the best informed wager possible check the sportsbooks on line and the historical trends, latest trends and past results which can then help to make a much more informed wager at the window.