Betting the NBA is No Picnic This Postseason and More NFL Playoff Expansion Talk

Betting the NBA Playoffs has been difficult this year and now the Clippers' current mindset makes it more difficult.

The National Basketball Association Playoffs have been outstanding for most fans. Tons of last-second drama, overtime games and great individual performances have been the staple of this year’s tournament.

For those of us that have been interested in wagering on these same basketball games, it’s been nothing short of a nightmare. Well, I guess I can only speak for myself here but I guarantee there are those in similar circumstances as myself.

It just seems to be that every time I have a feel for a team, they let me down. When I see the Spurs bouncing back and beating the Mavericks after their game two loss, they go out and get beat again.

When I expect the Indiana Pacers to finally just throw in the white towel there they are beating the Atlanta Hawks to even the series. The same can be said for the Toronto-Brooklyn series and the Memphis-Oklahoma City series as well. Oh and did I mention the Washington-Chicago series to?

About the only the only thing that seems to be going according to plan is the Miami-Charlotte series which I’m guessing ended last night especially if Al Jefferson didn’t take the court. If you’re wondering about my thoughts on the Clippers-Warriors series then here they are; stay away. Stay very far away from this series for the remainder of it.

I say this because with the on-going investigation into the racially insensitive comments by Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, none of us have any grasp on the psyche of this team. Head Coach Doc Rivers said he had about 45 minutes of sleep the night before game four and we know how that went for him and his team.

While I expect a very excited and supportive crowd tonight in Staples’ Center, there is still no way to really gauge what has gone on inside the Clippers’ locker room. I fully expected the Clippers to rally and play well in game four and they did anything but.

Until we see them on their home-court tonight in a crucial game five, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time, or money on them.

Roger Goodell believes expanding the playoffs won't water them down. He couldn't be more wrong.

NFL Playoff Expansion Is Imminent

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell once again openly discussed the expansion of the playoffs in his league from 12 teams to 14 teams. Also a talking point was an increase from 16 to 18 regular season games as well. The regular season expansion has much less chance of happening because the players will be vehemently against it, but the playoff expansion is coming much to my chagrin.

For us in the wagering community, two more playoff games to wager is always a welcome thought. The practical side of me however sees this as nothing more than a money grab by an already $10 billion a year league.

It’s already been reported that the league could see an increase of $200 million just for adding two more playoff teams but the bracket in each conference is what the real problem is.

By adding one more team per conference, this would mean only the top seed would a first-round bye. The other six teams in each conference would end up playing each other on the opening weekend.

Goodell argues that playoff expansion would not water down the post-season and he couldn’t be more wrong. The NHL and NBA already see more than half of the teams in their respective leagues make the postseason. The beauty of professional football is that typically, only teams with winning record make the playoffs. Yes there have been exceptions but they are rare.

Leave the NFL postseason as it is. Earning a playoff spot at 8-8 or 7-9 is watering down the playoffs whether Goodell thinks so or not.