Who Will Be Drafted No. 1 in 2014 NFL Draft

Today starts the NFL Draft. Many questions remain as to who will be chosen No. 1 overall in tonight’s primetime additional of the annual draft.

Jadeveon Clowney is considered by most to be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Most mock NFL drafts across the Internet have Clowney going No. 1 unless the Houston Texans are able to trade out of the No. 1 spot.

However, there are those who say that Khalil Mack the linebacker from Buffalo could be the first player chosen, pushing Clowney done the ladder to a lower choice in the first round.

Yes, it is true that Clowney is the overwhelming favorite to be taken first in the draft, but he is not as big priced as many might have expected.

After combing through the Internet across different sites including Bovada, topbet, sportsbook.com and betonline, there are a number of props that have been given. Yesterday, the talk was about the first quarterback that would be chosen.

Today, the odds are on the first player chosen overall as well as different position players such as wide receiver and running back.

Beyond Mack and Clowney another defensive standout has generated a great deal of buzz prior to today’s drink, but for other reasons.

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam is attempting to become the first NFL player who is openly gay. However, as the draft approaches his prospects are getting dimmer and dimmer.

Many scouts from the NFL have been asked confidentially about signing Sam. A group of two dozen scouts ranged from signing Sam in the fifth round to signing him in the seventh round. Others said they would sign him to a free agent contract and even others said they would not even sign him.

2014 NFL Props for Draft

Will Jadeveon Clowney be the No. 1 Pick Overall

Yes -600 No +450

Player drafted Prior to the Other

Sammy Watkins +160, Khalil Mack -180

Will more Offensive or Defenses Players Be Drafted in Round One

Offense -155 Defense +135

What will be total number of Wide Receives taken in Round One

Over -180 (4.5) Under +160 (4.5)

Is Michael Sam Going to Be Drafted

Yes -105, No -105

Will a Running Back Be Drafted in Round One

Yes +1000 No -1800

The draft starts Thursday night and will run through Sunday last afternoon. The futures of hundred of players both professionally and financially are at stake over the next four days.

The draft will also have an effect on the NFL Super Bowl futures, which will be updated the beginning of next week, once the dust has settled from the four-day draft.

Are you ready for some football, albeit just the NFL Draft?