America’s Team Misses Again

The Dallas Cowboys passed on taking Johnny Manziel with their first pick in last week’s NFL draft. Nevertheless, the club opted for an offensive lineman when the greatest need for the team is on defense.

Stephen Jones the COO at Dallas was asked in a call why the Cowboys took Zack Martin an offensive lineman from Notre Dame instead of Manziel the fan favorite in the first round of last week’s Draft.

Jones said the decision was in the team’s best interest, as they want to put the best possible players on the line to surround Tony Romo and make the Dallas quarterback strong than ever and give him and the franchise a shot at the Super Bowl.

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The Dallas COO said the pick was what will help the Cowboys return to the Super Bowl the quickest. However, the Cowboys need much more help on their defense than they do on protecting Romo.

Last season Dallas was No. 11 in overall offensive efficiency, No. 5 in rushing and No. 11 in passing and the offensive line was No. 10 in pass protection efficiency.

Dallas’ defense was No. 30 in the NFL overall, including No. 27 against the pass and No. 28 against the run.

Great defenses win Super Bowls, while offenses help tremendously; it is the defense that is much more important.

Dallas already has an offense in the top 10. The Cowboys are ranked No. 2 in offensive yards per point, No. 5 in of rushing efficiency, No. 5 in red-zone efficiency and No. 10 in pass protection efficiency.

On the other hand, the Cowboys lost DeMarcus Ware their best player on defense to free agency and Jason Hatcher as well. Even when both were Cowboys, the overall defense was marginal at best.

The Cowboys defense was No. 32 in gains on 1st and 2nd down, No. 32 in red-zone defense, No. 30 in overall defense, No. 28 against the rush and No. 27 against the pass.

The Cowboys first pick should have been either for help in the secondary or on the defensive line. The defense was visibly the weaker link where the Cowboys were concerned, but drafting offensive lineup does not seem to address the current need of Dallas.

The Cowboys had very strong offenses when the dominated in the 1990s and won three Super Bowls, but their defense is what kept the team in the game, by holding opponents to few points.

Since the 1990s, the Cowboys have not had the talent on the defensive side of the ball to give them the chance to return to the Super Bowl.