Weekend Ramblings Include NBA Thoughts as The Conference Finals are Here

Steve Kerr made the right move in spurning New York for Golden State.

Can any of us really say that we are surprised that Steve Kerr chose the Golden State Warriors’ over the New York Knicks? There was one draw that would have made Kerr come to the Big Apple and that was Phil Jackson. As his former coach and mentor, Jackson would have guided Kerr through the rapids of coaching in the NBA.

Of course that could also be considered one of the drawbacks to the job as well. Would Kerr have been comfortable knowing that every time his Knicks’ went on a four-game losing streak rumors about Jackson taking over would run rampant? That’s just part of it though; Kerr got more years and more money out of the Warriors and he has much more talent and less contractual problems as well on the West Coast.

The bottom line is that Kerr has made the right choice especially considering he is going to be a first-time coach. Maybe success will eventually lead him to New York and reunion with Jackson anyway?

Don't bet on Kobe staying quiet throughout the Lakers' coaching search.

Kobe Has No Say in Coaching Hire. Ya Right.

Los Angeles Lakers’ General Manager Mitch Kupchak says that while the lines of communication are open with star Kobe Bryant, he won’t be involve in the decision on who to hire as the team’s new head coach.

So if I’m the Lakers, I’m going to pay Bryant this ridiculous amount of money for two years (likely his last) and yet they don’t want him involved in choosing the coach? I really do see Kupchak’s thinking, but is it realistic? Bryant won’t want to make his final years meaningless as the last few have been due to injury and poor coaching.

While the Lakers have been relatively quiet about potential replacements for Mike D’Antoni, Kupchak and the Buss Family have to be thinking long-term. They will have ping-pong balls flopping around in the draft lottery which could give them an excellent player to bring on board for a long time. With some potential cap room as well, the team wants a coach for many years.

Not allowing Bryant to have some say in this is crazy. He isn’t going to play for just anyone.

The Conference Finals Are Set

Regardless of how they got there, the Indiana Pacers have the rematch they’ve desired for the last 12 months staring them in the face. The Pacers will get yet another crack at the two-time defending champion Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Indiana needed 13 games to dispose of both below .500 Atlanta and youthful Washington.

In the meantime, the Heat needed just nine games to get past Charlotte and Brooklyn. Advantage here would have to go to the Heat. These two have basically played to a draw over the last couple of seasons, but with the bizarre struggles of this Pacers’ team it’s going to be extremely hard to like Indiana winning.

Over in the Western Conference Finals, the top seeded San Antonio Spurs will face second seeded Oklahoma City. These two have represented the Western Conference in the NBA Finals the last two seasons with each losing to the Heat.

For the second time this playoff season we are seeing a strange match-up where one team has beaten the other in all four games they played in the regular season. The Thunder went 4-0 against San Antonio this season which is exactly what Brooklyn had done to Miami prior to being dumped in five games in the second round.

Remember, in 25 previous times, a team that swept another in the regular season also went on to beat that team in the playoffs. That happened every time until this week when Miami beat Brooklyn. Is Oklahoma City about to suffer the same fate?