Odds Makers Post 2014 NFL Season Total Wins

The NFL Draft is history and Johnny Manziel has started his professional workouts. That must mean NFL football is not that far away.

Odds makers have released the win totals for the 2014 NFL season with teams like the Washington Redskins and the Houston Texans expected to improve from their woeful 2013 season.

Based on Bovada and topbet’s totals Houston is expected to have the biggest jump in wins this season. However, that does not mean all that much since the Texans only won 2 games out of their 16 last season. This season, Houston has been given a win total of 7.5, with the favorite being the OVER, which is sitting on -145.

Other significant jumps in wins this season are expected from Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Washington. Tampa and Atlanta had four win seasons, while Washington won just three.

The Carolina Panther won 12 games last season, but on betonline and sportsbook.com have been given a win total for this season of just 8, with the OVER sitting on -130.

Odds makers are expecting the Panthers to suffer the biggest drop off from last season in 2014.

In the AFC, the biggest drop off is expected from the Kansas City Chiefs. Last season, the Chiefs had an impressive season winning 11 games after winning just 2 the season before. However, this season odds makers have the team on 8 wins.

The NFL season is still over 15 weeks from the opening kickoff, but the total wins have now been released giving bettors something interesting to consider as an earlier wager on one of their teams.

2014 Win Totals for NFL Season

The following are just a few of the win totals posted for NFL teams.

BALTIMORE RAVENS – Win total: 8.5 (8 wins 2013)

CAROLINA PANTHERS – Win total: 8.0 (12 wins 2013)

CINCINNATI BENGALS – Win total: 9.0 (11 wins 2013)

DALLAS COWBOYS – Win total: 8.0 (8 wins 2013)

DENVER BRONCOS – Win total: 11.0 (13 wins 2013)

GREEN BAY PACKERS – Win total: 10.0 (8 wins 2013)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS – Win total: 9.5 (11 wins 2013)

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – Win total: 10.5 (12 wins 2013)

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – Win total: 9.5 (11 wins 2013)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS – Win total: 10.5 (12 wins 2013)

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – Win total: 11.0 (13 wins 2013)