Three Reasons Why the NFL is Dropping the ‘L’ From Super Bowl 50

SB 50
Because the NFL was terrified of being branded "losers" they won't use the 'L' for Super Bowl 50.

I remember learning Roman numerals back when I was in elementary school. This was a time in America where kids didn’t ask “why?” to every single thing their teacher or parent told them to do. I recall thinking that it was a little odd interpreting letters as numbers but I did what I was told and from that day forward I’ve been easily able to you what every Super Bowl from the first to the most recent was without having to ask ‘Siri.’

The first couple of Super Bowls weren’t really the ‘Super Bowl’ though. It as known as the ‘AFL-NFL Championship Game’ prior to Super Bowl IV when Lamar Hunt coined the phrase ‘Super Bowl’ for the first time as he Chiefs prepared to play the Vikings. Based upon yesterday’s news from the National Football League, Hunt is probably rolling over in his grave.

The NFL announced that for Super Bowl L in San Francisco they are dropping the ‘L.’ Instead, they will use the numeric number ’50’ instead. I’ll get into the real reasons why they are doing this in a second but you can be sure there is plenty behind this decision.

So just why is this happening now?Why is the NFL doing this for just one season you must be thinking? Here’s why and you’re either going to laugh out loud or just put you head in your hands and weep like a baby.

Reason #1: The most obvious reason is that because the ‘L’ hand signal means ‘loser.’ If someone gets your attention and holds one of their hands up

Perhaps we need to go back to teaching elementary kids Roman numerals.

showing ¬†you just his or her thumb and forefinger, then think you’re a loser! If they do that and hold it up their forehead then a you’re a super loser! There’s no way the NFL can have millions of people displaying their respective ‘loser’ signs to Commissioner Roger Goodell at the Super Bowl so the league’s answer is to eliminate that possible embarrassment,

Reason #2: Now this one is almost as crucial as #1 considering the situation. If you make the motion with BOTH hands, connect them at the thumb and then turn the left ‘L’ down, you’ll have made ‘LA.’ Do you have any idea what you could do if you starting flashing that at the sire of Super Bowl 50? The game will be played in San Francisco which is of course the number one rival and most hated rival of teams in…. Los Angeles!!!

Furthermore, there has not been an NFL franchise in Los Angeles for 20 years. Goodell can’t have people running around the city by the bay putting up ‘LA’ signs all over the place. There would likely be riots! Save the wharf!

Reason #3: Americans are dumb. We don’t teach children Roman numerals anymore or so I’ve recently been told. Therefore, there are generations of Americans who are totally unaware of what the ‘X’s and V’s’ mean. In fact, I would be willing to bet that if you surveyed all 32 NFL teams, less than half of the players would not have a clue as to what most Super Bowl numerals equate to.

I don’t mean to pick on the players because more than a solid majority of Americans would be trying to spell things using the numerals rather than actually realizing they’re numbers!

Roger Goodell and the NFL cannot be party to the pending embarrassment that would surely happen should the ‘L’ be allowed to remain. They are far and away America’s most popular brand right now and they cannot be embroiled in a debate over this country’s educational failings.

So for one year, 50 it is. But you better watch out there Mr. LI because I’m sure you mean something too!