NBA Prop Bets For Your Entertainment Purposes Only Of Course

You could wager on how many points Tim Duncan will score or how many times someone says "fundamentals" regarding his game.

Last night in San Antonio the NBA Finals got underway as the Spurs entertained the two-time defending champions from Miami. If you’re like myself and you really don’t have a dog in this fight, then that can sometimes make wagering easier or in some cases harder.

Whenever I get myself into one of these predicaments (or any time a championship is being played) I like to look for some other ways of winning a few bucks. There is no better way to do this than with prop bets.

If you wager the Super Bowl then you already are a prop betting veteran because the NFL’s premier game has it all. With this idea in mind, here are some prop bets for you to check out over at and some you can perhaps play at home with some friends.

First team to score in the game. This is essentially like asking what a coin flip will result in when it lands. Unless a team has a decided advantage at the jump, stay away from this one.

First team to score 10 points (or 20 or 30 and so on). This one is actually possible to put some faith into because if you study the teams closely enough you can discern if they are getting out to leads in the majority of their games or not. Take the Heat for example; they trailed at the end of the first quarter in four of their six games in the Eastern Conference Finals against Indiana.

Erik Spoelstra's Heat trailed at the end of the first quarter in four of six games against the Pacers.

Quarter spreads. Again,this may take some homework in order to figure out if either San Antonio or Miami has a decided edge when it comes to scoring in a particular quarter. Otherwise, this really is a roll of the dice and some of it will depend on how the series is unfolding.

First half/End of game totals. You can start with total points for each; the Spurs are averaging about 105 per game while the Heat are averaging about 102 per game. This too will depend upon the progression of the series.

Winning margin. You can do this one of two ways; you can go over to Bovada or your favorite betting set and look at the odds for either team wining by a certain amount OR you can just simply lay the number you think a team wins by and do it that way. Always think simplicity and creativity people!

Total games in the series. Despite game one being already in the books, you can still put money down on how many games you think the series will go. You can do this and name the winning team or just put the number out there and leave it at that.

Will any game go into overtime? Now this is one I like because I think this is going to be another close, six or seven game series and the chances of games going into overtime are quite high in my opinion. I strongly suggest this prop.

While the above are the type of things you’ll find at most betting websites, you can also get creative with the following…

What celebrity is most likely to be seen in Miami?

How many times does someone refer to Tim Duncan’s “fundamentals?”

How many times is Michael Jordan’s name mentioned?

Will the Lakers have a new head coach by the end of the Finals?

Will anyone from the Spurs blow into LeBron James’ ear?

Prop bets are in many ways a way for you to have fun but also for you to show your knowledge as well. Enjoy the Finals!