Florida State Could be Two TD Favorite in Every Game

It is just mid June and already the lines are heating up in NCAA football. This past week some Las Vegas odds makers and online bookmakers released their first 200 games to bet on for the 2014 NCAA football season.

Not every game being played was listed, but some of the biggest and best matchups were and that has drawn the interest of many who love to wager.

On the lists released that you can see on Bovada, topbet, sportsbook.com and betonline, the team that is most favored in Florida State.

What is truly impressive is the Seminoles shortest line is an amazing -14.5. That is right, they are favored in the eight games they are listed on and each one is by -14.5 or higher.

The Seminoles are also favored on an average of the 8 games by 20 points. Last season Oregon and Alabama were favored by an average of -22.5 points each game.

If that is the case when the season rolls around and the Seminoles really do have the distinction of being a favorite in each game by more than a pair of touchdowns, it would be the first time in 35 years that has happened.

A number of teams have been favored by more than two touchdowns in each game except one.

Nebraska was 11-0 in 1983, 1995 and 1997 while going 10-1 in 1996.

2009 Florida was 12-0

2005 Texas 11-0

1987 Oklahoma 10-0

2008 USC 11-1

However, no team has been favored by two touchdowns or more in every regular season game.

In other facts pulled from the 200 games list:

California is listed as the underdog in all of the six games they appear in on the list by an average of more than 21 points.

Last season California was an underdog in each of its games during the regular season, but by only an average of just over 13.4 points per game.

The Bears ended the season 1-11 straight up and 2-10 against the spread.

In 2009, only five short years ago, Cal was favored in its games by over 10 points per game and ended the season 8-4 SU.

The Arizona Wildcats have the largest overall swing between being a dog and a favorite of any of the teams listed. The Wildcats are favored by 23.5 points over UNLV August 29. By contrast, the Wildcats are 25-point underdogs in early October versus Oregon. That swing is 48.5 points or almost 7 touchdowns.

As late August approaches, the odds will fluctuate prior to the start of the regular season. Now injuries are the only thing that could create problems for teams moving forward until the start of the regular season.