Trades Could Be A Factor in NBA Draft

The NBA draft will be held on Thursday June 26 and a number of veteran players in the league could have some influence over what teams draft for new players.

One such veteran is Kevin Love. The Minnesota Timberwolves forward could be involved in a trade on draft day when college and international stars are selected by the NBA teams.

The contract situation for Love has management at the Timberwolves contemplating making a trade with teams such as Denver, Chicago, Boston and Cleveland that could offer first round picks and players to acquire the sharpshooting forward.

In addition, Klay Thompson from Golden State and Arron Afflalo from Orlando could also be changing uniforms and zip codes as well. Eric Bledsoe at Phoenix and Kyle Lowry at Toronto will soon be on the free agent market and that could dictate how their current teams decide to draft.

Often times the trades that take place during this period of the offseason, do not occur until a team is actually on the clock and can better gauge what they need to fill and the players still available to accomplish that.

Love can opt out of his current contract when next season ends and has been clear with his desire to play elsewhere.

The Timberwolves could trade Love and rebuild with a number of draft picks or they could draft players and sign free agents in hopes of building a contender around Love.

However, odds on Bovada and topbet show that a trade involving Love is the most likely scenario.

One option Minnesota has is to trade Love and get a package that includes veterans so the team can rebuild quicker.

Another option is to deal Love in a package that has draft picks. Boston has the No. 6 and No. 17 picks and that could interest the Timberwolves or Cleveland has the No. 1 overall pick and could be enticed to trade it for Love.

According to information on and betonline, Danny Ainge the President of the Boston Celtics said that keeping their two picks in the first round was likely what would happen.

Bob Myers the GM for Golden State also said that it was not likely they would take part in a big trade during or prior to the draft.

Myers said that, because he feels most of the things discussed do not take place. He called it a difficult thing to do. He added that as the NBA is so competitive and a deal has to be beneficial to both parties.

Regardless of where Love ends up or if he stays with Minnesota through next season, there is bound to be a surprise or two on Thursday when the draft will be held.