Will Carmelo Anthony Remain a Knick or Play Elsewhere

The New York Knicks hope they can re-sign Carmelo Anthony even though he has opted out of his contract to test out the free agent market.

Even though Anthony will entertain other offers from teams around the league, the front office of New York is confident they can re-sign him.

Sources have also said that officials at the Knick s feel Anthony will stay in New York as he has started to connect better with Phil Jackson the team president.

In addition, one source who is close to the entire process said that Jackson was going to put forth a big attempt at convincing Pau Gasol the Los Angeles Lakers forward to sign with the Knicks to replace Tyson Chandler who was recently traded to Dallas.

However, the Knicks can only offer Gasol under $4 million for the upcoming season.

It is very uncertain if Anthony will return after opting out of a contract whose final year would have paid him $23.3 million.

On Tuesday, the 30-year old will officially become a free agent and already has plans to visit with the Bulls, Rockets, Mavericks and Lakers all prior to Friday the Fourth of July.

The Miami Heat is also expected to be in the running for Anthony due to LeBron James and Anthony being close.

New York reportedly traded Chandler and Raymond Felton, who had become out of favor to bring back veterans including Jose Calderon in a belief that Anthony would like to play alongside the Spaniard.

Everywhere Calderon has played, he has been considered a great teammate.

Jackson said he believes what Anthony has said about wanting to stay in New York, but knows things do not always happen as expected.

Even though there are some dream situations Anthony could have with James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, or Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose in Chicago, the stage at Madison Square Garden is nothing to sneeze at.

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By staying in New York, Anthony could get a $129 million five-year deal, but just $95.9 million over four years if he leaves.

If Anthony really does want to leave, the Knicks could possibly make a sign and trade deal with another team featuring Anthony.

Chicago apparently started its pursuit of Anthony back in January when they traded away Luol Deng while the Rockets traded Omer Asik this week to New Orleans in an attempt to clear salary cap space, to get James or Anthony.

The fun begins next week and should turn out to be quite exciting to see if the movement of free agents will change the NBA futures.