Athletes and Their Income, Plus Jason Kidd and the Bucks are on the Agenda Today

LeBron James has every right to make as much money as he he can get whether we like it or not.

For whatever reason, the ugly discussion that centers around “athletes are paid too much” has reared its’ ugly head again and quite frankly I find it to be a moot point. The reason it has come up is because now LeBron James is officially an unrestricted free agent.

According to social media (take that for what it’s worth), LeBron James is not about winning if he takes a maximum contract. Therefore he’s not as forthright as Tim Duncan or Michael Jordan in the eyes of many and he doesn’t work nearly as hard as the common man.

I don’t like how much professional athletes get paid any more than you do but if the market bears it out then there’s not much that can be done. If you hate that a pitcher goes 10-13 yet gets a $13 million dollar per year contract then stop buying tickets and stop buying team gear. That’s the only way you’re going to get the attention of owners who continue to pay these salaries.

And…. That isn’t going to happen is it?

LeBron James has every right to make as much money has he is willing to be paid. Michael Jordan for years did not take a max contract and despite being the best player on the planet wasn’t always the top paid player. By all accounts, James is set to try and take less money once again in an effort to win another title.

Regardless of what he does, it’s his choice and the amount he could be paid isn’t his fault. I wish I was paid more but no one is standing in line to watch my type.

During Babe Ruth’s prime in the late 1920’s, he had a brief encounter with famous gangster Al Capone. Ruth had recently signed a deal that was the largest in baseball at the time and Capone allegedly said, “Hey Babe, you make more than the President!” Ruth replied, “I had a better year than he did.”

It really is that simple people. If you don’t like the money athletes are paid then I suggest you follow another hobby.

Jason Kidd was sent to Milwaukee in a rare trade for a coach. The question is why?

Shame on the Bucks, But that’s business

There’s nothing quite like walking in to the office and finding someone else sitting at your desk. You inquire as to why they are in your office and you are politely given a kick in the ass while being told that you no longer have a job. That’s essentially what happened to Larry Drew yesterday in Milwaukee.

Drew had been the coach of the Milwaukee Bucks but was unceremoniously fired after the team traded two second round picks for Jason Kidd. Because he was fired with years left on his contract, Drew isn’t walking out the door penny-less but his ego can’t be doing real well right now.

For his part, Kidd has rubbed more people the wrong way in his career than most I can think of and he must have worn out his welcome in Brooklyn despite getting the Nets into the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

My question is why do the Bucks feel the that Kidd is worth giving up two draft picks? Is he that much better of a coach than Drew? Take a look at the talent on the two teams last season and you’ll find Kidd had way more to work with than did Drew.

Perhaps the Bucks feel that Kidd will work better with Jabari Parker who was drafted second overall last week in the NBA Draft. Either way, it isn’t a good look for the Bucks or for Kidd but it’s business plain and simple.