July’s Best and Worst Pitchers

Major League Baseball heads into the long hot days of summer during July, a month where division titles can be won or lost.

The month is highlighted by lots of fireworks and the All-Start Summer Classic. It also starts the second half of the season.

The key to every team’s run at the World Series is its pitching staff.

The big question is can the pitching staff work through the long hot days of July or will they just fold up.

Some pitchers enjoy the hot summer schedule, while others prefer the spring and fall.

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This list contains pitchers that have enjoyed good success and not so good success during July over the past three seasons.

Successful July Hurlers

Tim Hudson is 12-5 over the past three seasons during July. The veteran who pitched for a number of seasons with Atlanta is now in San Francisco. The Giants have won 10 of the 15 starts Hudson has made this season. Hudson has lost at home just 2 times since last season.

Edwin Jackson is 10-4 during July over the past 3 years. Jackson is just 83-97 in his career, making it all the more impressive he makes this list. The Chicago Cubs hurler has won 4 of his 6 starts at home this season.

Clayton Kershaw is 12-5 in July over the past 3 seasons and is baseball’s best pitcher. He was 6-0 during this past June and threw a no-hitter. He has struck out 107 batters in 79 innings and opposing batters are averaging just .209.

Rick Porcello is 12-1 in July over the past three seasons. He is only fourth in a rotation of superstars in Detroit, but has won 11 of his 15 starts this season.

Jered Weaver is 13-5 during July. Critics felt he would have a bad season but he continues to win dominating right-handed hitters with a batting average of just .163.

Not-so Successful July Pitchers

Erik Bedard is 1-10 in July over the past three seasons. Bedard is pitching for Tampa Bay after being released from Houston after a poor first season with the Astros.

Bud Norris is 4-10 in July. The veteran has been a good pitcher most of his career at home and very bad away from home. His away games must have been plentiful in July losing 10 of his 14 career decisions. He started July on the DL and should be a play against pitcher when he makes his first start in July.

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