New Orleans Leads NFL in Home Field Advantage

Home field advantage should not be overlooked in the NFL, especially when it comes to those wagering on the outcome of a game.

Most bookmakers, including those at top-rated sites on line such as Bovada and consider home field advantage to be worth approximately 3 points.

However, in practice, the advantage varies a great deal depending upon the teams and their home stadium.

In the NFL, there are a few NFL teams there play exceptionally well at home, while there are others who are not that good on their home turf.

According to betonline and topbet, the New Orleans Saints head the list for being the most successful on their home field. Over the past three seasons, including the playoffs, the Saints are 20-5-1 against the spread.

The Saints have won those 26 games by an average margin of 15.6 points, with their average cover being 9.5 points.

When New Orleans has its “A” game, there is not anywhere tougher to play than at the Superdome. The Saints are 43-24-2 ATS, an NFL best, at home since coach Sean Payton started. That is a rate of over 64%.

If you take out the Saints 2012, when Payton was suspended the entire season, then New Orleans is 39-20-2 ATS, which equates to 66%.

The next closest team is at just 58%.

The Seattle Seahawks over the past three seasons are 18-8 ATS at home. The Seahawks average victory margin is 11.3 points, with the average cover at 6.8 points.

The 12th man for Seattle is its fans who make playing at CenturyLink Field a nightmare for most visitors.

Since Pete Carroll the current head coach arrived, the Seahawks are 24-11 ATS at home a winning percentage of nearly 69%, which is second to the Saints at 24-9 ATS over that same period.

The San Francisco 49ers are 17-9-1 ATS playing at home over the past three seasons, including during the playoffs.

Since Jim Harbaugh started in 2011 as head coach, the 49ers have won 65.4% of their home games.

The not-so-good home teams are led by the Philadelphia Eagles, with a record of 6-18-1 ATS in games played at home over the past three seasons.

The Eagles average winning margin is just 0.1 points, with the average cover sitting on -3.3.

Last season, the first under Chip Kelly, the Eagles were 3-6 ATS at home. It is widely known the Eagles fan base can quickly turn on its own.

Other teams that have not fared well at home over the past three seasons includes the Jacksonville Jaguars with a record of 7-15-1 ATS, the Dallas Cowboys at 8-16 ATS and the Oakland Raiders at 8-15-1 ATS at home.