The Open Wrap-Up Plus Thoughts on Jameis Winston’s Comments

Rory McIlroy blasted his way to the Open Championship title yesterday.

How ironic it was that while Tiger Woods quietly and covertly was driven off in a darkened Mercedes, that 25-year old Rory McIlroy worked on his game. He still had about 90 minutes before he even teed off. The unfolding scene couldn’t have been more appropriate as hours later, the classy McIlroy hoisted the Claret Jug at the very place Tiger Woods’ last did.

One can argue about just how classy McIlroy is considering the break-up of his engagement in May but I think we can all agree it’s still a far cry from Tiger Woods’ off course relationship issues.

I always find it ironic how when Tiger starts a tournament well the commentators will give him a literal tongue bath but as soon as things went south in the final three rounds, the excuses became nauseating.

As for McIlroy, he is a champion that we can embrace. He doesn’t talk about his round with typical cliches and doesn’t make excuses when he plays poorly as Woods often does. With his win, McIlroy joins Jack Nicklaus and Tiger as the youngest to win three different Major Tournaments. Only the Masters has avoided his grasp.

Earlier last week I picked Sergio Garcia to win and end his drought of Major Championships and although he didn’t win, he certainly didn’t disappoint. The Spaniard finished in second along with Rickie Fowler and neither guy gave McIlroy the title. Remember that McIlroy started with a six-shot lead. Garcia closed it to two shots with four to play but then a drive found a pot bunker and that was that.

ESPN’s Ian O’Connor is already leading the “Tiger will be back” surge of articles that follow every time he loses another major. He cites the fact that Tiger won five times on tour last year and that he was close to winning the Masters in 2013 as reasons why he’ll win another major. O’Connor might be right but I don’t think he or the other shills are considering the young talent that now surrounds Woods.

Regardless, McIlroy is a worthy champion and does things the way a champion should.

Let's hope Jameis Winston follows the words he was told to say in a recent interview.

Jameis Winston Should Follow His Own Words, If They’re Actually His

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner sat down with ESPN during the ACC Football Media Day to discuss the upcoming season. While there is no doubt about the enormous talent and maturity that Winston has on the field, he has shown anything but off it.

I wish I could tell you that what Winston said was from the heart and in his own words but I think that most of what he said has been beaten into him through rehearsal and Winston certainly wouldn’t be the first to have this happen but read this excerpt courtesy ESPN.

“You always have to have a smile on your face. Leadership isn’t just on the field. It’s off the field, too, and I know I have a lot of young guys looking up to me, and I know I have a lot of support from my teammates as well.”

So what type of leadership was Winston portraying when he walked out of a Publix Grocery Store with crab legs and other sea food he didn’t pay for? Oh, that’s right. He forgot to pay and just hadn’t come back to pay for them yet before the police showed up at his apartment right?

This is what we call entitlement. Winston was punished by Florida State as a baseball player so he won’t face any action during the football season. Hopefully Winston has grown since this incident but I have a feeling he won’t. If he didn’t learn his lesson after being accused of sexual assault then why would he after stealing crab legs?