Outrage Over Rice Wrist-Slap is On Point

Ray Rice will miss just two games after knocking his then-fiance out cold.

Just when you think National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell couldn’t do anything more stupid than he’s already done he’s completed the task. Goodell issued a two-game suspension from behind his iron curtain yesterday to Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice for assaulting his then-fiance in a New Jersey casino.

Not only was Rice caught on elevator cameras knocking his then-fiance out, but then lobby cameras caught him dragging her unconscious body from the elevator as well. The public has not been allowed to see the video inside the elevator but it has been reported that both Rice and his now wife exchanged several blows before he knocked her out.

If ever you needed a reason to believe that Roger Goodell is completely out of touch then here is your example. Players have been suspended more for on-field hits against other men.

Players have been suspended more for marijuana use.

I wonder how Goodell's wife feels about a two-game suspension for domestic abuse?

Players have been suspended more for getting free tattoos.

Players have been suspended more for performance enhancing drug use.

Players have been suspended more for ADHD medication.

Players have been suspended more for what they ‘allegedly’ did.

Things really couldn’t be going much worse for Goodell and I couldn’t be happier about it. The only thing he does well is earn money for owners which is exactly why they constantly give him a vote of confidence. Therefore the owners are just as culpable in this joke of a suspension as he is.

I wouldn’t call this a step backwards for the NFL in regards to women. I would call it falling backwards of a 500-foot cliff.

For a league that prides itself on ‘Pink October’ where teams wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month, this is a serious misstep with women who make up a good portion of the NFL fan base. Nevermind that only 10% of the sales of pink-themed NFL gear actually go to breast cancer research… That’s for another day.

I’ve heard the argument that Janay Rice’s behavior leading up to the was highly inappropriate and is in large part what led to her now husband to knock her cold. She was originally charged with assault as well but those charges were dropped.

Let me be clear on this issue; Ray Rice is 260lbs. Janay Rice appears to be in the neighborhood of 115lbs? That’s a “slight” weight advantage if I’m no mistaken. I don’t care how violent Janay Rice was in the moments leading up to the eventual knockout. You don’t hit a woman.

If you think the two-game suspension was soft, consider too that Goodell also cut Rice a huge break when it came to the fine imposed upon him. Rice was only fined for one game rather than two and the suspension was based off his 2013 salary which was just $1 million rather than his current deal which pays him $4 million.

I have to wonder this morning how Roger Goodell’s wife and twin daughters feel. If I’m him, I’d be prepared for some questions from them.

In the end, reports say that Janay Rice made a very passionate plea to Roger Goodell. She pleaded that his suspension be light because of all the good he’s done. Apparently this is what swayed Goodell. I hope all NFL players are taking note. Bring your wife or girlfriend or mom for that matter when called before the Commissioner and chances are you’ll get a slap on the wrist too.